Roll Easy and Burn Slow With Al Capone

Al Capone is a towering name in the business of smoking. For over two decades now, the well-respected brand has delivered consistently and earned more trust among consumers – and cannabis connoisseurs – thanks to their flavorful wraps. In particular with their Leaf Wraps, cannabis smokers can enjoy an especially good, sometimes tasty high. 

Al Capone hit the smoking scene in 1996 with their premium cigarillos. In the 28 years since then, it’s almost impossible to go into a respectable smoke shop or liquor store without seeing the brand’s name prominently featured behind the register. When people buy Al Capone, they know they’re getting the good stuff – a natural tobacco leaf hand-rolled and crafted to excellence. 

In short, it’s a reliable brand.

Seven years ago, the company expanded with their Al Capone Leaf Wraps. They were meticulously crafted with a slow burn and ease-of-use in mind, ensuring consistency. Moreover, the pre-cut, double leaf layer includes a self-sealing sugar strip, eliminating any concerns. This means you can enjoy your smoke without fretting over your rolling skills; the double-bonded self-stick cellulose/sugar strips ensures a perfectly sealed blunt every time. There is no need to worry about a sloppy or insufficient lick. Simply follow the quick and easy method of 1) Roll, 2) Pull, and 3) Stick. This makes a mellow smoking experience all the more mellow. 

The Wraps were originally the only double-bonded self-sealing wraps available on the market, too, so they came out of the gate connecting with smokers immediately. There is nothing flimsy about these Leafs; they’re light yet strong.

There are three distinct flavors to these Leaf Wraps – the Original, Cognac, and Rum. Original for a natural taste. Cognac for soft malty notes. Rum for mellow with hints of fruit. Always fresh without any thick veins, a box of these babies keeps each Wrap in an individual pouch ensuring a consistence in quality and stretchiness. For now obvious reasons, last year all three flavors were on the Top 10 Best Selling Wraps in the United States (MSAi 2023 data).

Courtesy Al Capone

There is not an ounce of artificial sweetness or pesky chemicals, only pure tobacco, and the flavor of the earth. If anyone wants a little extra kick, though, obviously Cognac and Rum is the road to go down. The taste and smell are authentic. Thankfully, never too strong on either front, either. The flavors will not ever overwhelm the taste and smell of the flower. Consider the flavors just stronger as an added bonus – a nice alcoholic cherry on the top, so to speak. At their best, they just make a smoking session fuller and more flavorful. Whatever your flavor of choice, the result is tasteful, not tacky. 

Often when you see flavored rolls, well, they lay it on a bit too thick, the result is a bit garish, and it kind of dampens the experience. That is not the case with Al Capone, especially with the original flavor. It’s not remotely bland, just earthy, and smooth.

These flavored Leaf Wraps pair especially well with a tasty beverage or meal. Whatever the experience, a solo smoke session or enjoying a feast with friends, these Leaf Wraps are a low-key enhancer of said experience. Al Capone prides itself on the freedom for smokers to incorporate their products however they want. 

“Real, not perfect,” the company boasts.

Courtesy Al Capone

These Leaf Wraps are cared for since day one of their farming. The seeds, the growing, the maintenance, all of it, top-notch across the board. Al Capone purifies their water for the finest growth conditions and only uses all-natural soil. The leaves are then air-cured for the best flavor and color, then hand-picked for the ultimate test of premium quality. By the end of the process, only the best-of-the-best leaves are chosen to hit the market. Hand-picked, mind you.

The above is important for the simple reason that there is a tangibility to an Al Capone Leaf Wrap. As consumers, we know when something is mass produced by a machine or carefully handled by skilled individuals. Sometimes it’s a gut feeling and ya just know when you see it or, in this case, smoke it.

From the inception to the ingestion, Al Capone is more personal for a mass market brand. At such a high commercial level, Al Capone has an independent spirit about them. Whatever the flavor, when smoking one of these Leaf Wraps, the passion is always there behind the construction.

Above all else, it’s just a damn fine way to smoke your cannabis. Roll the REAL way with Al Capone’s All Natural Tobacco Leaf Wraps.

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