ZAR Wellness: Pioneering a New Era of Holistic Health and Healing

Once relegated to the fringes, the wellness industry now stands practically at the forefront of modern healthcare. It has shifted the narrative toward a more holistic approach to well-being that recognizes the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Simultaneously, cannabis and CBD, long stigmatized for their psychoactive properties, have found redemption within this sector, hailed for their potential to alleviate a number of conditions, from anxiety and chronic pain to various types of inflammation.

Nestled in the heart of Texas, where the spirit of resilience runs deep, one company has pioneered this shift—ZAR Wellness. This family and veteran-owned business that boasts 24 locations across the state is much more than a seller of high-quality CBD and THC products. Their story is one of personal struggle and, more importantly, triumph.

Asad Shalami, co-founder of ZAR Wellness and a US Army Veteran, battled chronic insomnia for years. He went from doctor to doctor, trying practically everything under the sky, but nothing seemed to work – until he stumbled upon Cannabidiol.

“It was like finding an oasis in the desert of sleepless nights. Not to mention that this product greatly alleviated my wife’s problems with arthritis. I knew then we had to share this with others who might be struggling,” he says.

Since its inception, ZAR Wellness has taken long strides in the wellness industry, focusing on rigorously tested high-quality products. Specializing in hemp-derived cannabinoids, the company’s team takes the time to research each cannabinoid, conduct trials, and evaluate the attributes, benefits, and potential side effects or health concerns of each extracted compound.

“Our priority is to provide personalized and valuable solutions. That’s why our system includes our team and a select group of clients testing each prototype. Only if it passes this evaluation do we bring it to the market,” Razia Quresh-Shalami, second co-founder of ZAR Wellness, reveals.

Yet, ZAR Wellness’ commitment to premium quality, customer safety, and satisfaction doesn’t end there. Razia reveals that, due to the sheer span of concerns their clients have, such as anxiety, pain, sleep disorders, depression, or PTSD, the company’s team provides thorough medical consultations, spending considerable time with each person to make sure they understand how each cannabinoid works and to determine the best solution to address a customer’s unique wellness needs.

“It’s a complex process; we refuse to leave anything to chance. We place tremendous emphasis on the safety and well-being of our customers,” she adds.

Moreover, as a veteran, Asad has experienced and had to overcome a singular set of trials. As someone who has not only benefited from hemp-derived cannabinoids but also deeply researched their potential in treating or helping with complex disorders such as PTSD—a condition 13 million Americans struggled with in 2020 only—Asad, together with his wife and the rest of the ZAR Wellness team, has placed special importance on supporting other veterans in their wellness journeys. 

He reveals that one out of three ZAR Wellness clients are veterans and that the aim is to keep expanding the company’s reach to try and help as many individuals who have served the nation as possible.

To this end, every day, ZAR Wellness offers a 22% discount on its products to help dent the unfortunate statistic of 22 veterans taking their lives daily. Since 2020, through their Mission 22, the company has given more than $2 million worth of veteran discounts.

Adding another feather to its cap, ZAR Wellness is broadening its reach through strategic partnerships with professional sports organizations, like the Frisco Fighters. Moreover, in an industry-first move, the company has also unveiled a revolutionary app on Apple iOS and Google Play to transform how customers interact with the brand, further enhancing customer accessibility and satisfaction.

“We’ve also teamed up with Afterpay so that our products can reach an even broader customer base,” Asad reveals. “This way, we can ensure that financial constraints don’t become a barrier to wellness.”

With robust media relationships, innovative strategies, and a tireless commitment to customer-centric services, ZAR Wellness is poised to redefine the wellness industry while simultaneously shaping an exciting future for the brand.

As industry trailblazers, they have not just been dedicated to top-notch products, but they have also pushed for responsible CBD and THC  use by endorsing age regulation for psychoactive cannabinoids. The team has also advocated for tamper-resistant packaging, setting a high standard for others.

As Razia highlights, “Our journey has always been about more than just products. It’s about shaping a future where wellness is accessible, affordable,  and safe and effective for everyone.”

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