Joey Cough – “Old’s Cool”

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What’s that? Joey Cough has a NEW MIXTAPE?? And he’s giving it away for FREE?!

Yup that’s right! I am giving you my Brand New Mixtape, “Old’s Cool” for FREE!!

13 tracks of Mr. Cough going full retard over some of the dopest hip-hop instrumentals from the 90s. Just enter your name and email at this link and the download will be sent to your inbox.

Check the track list below:

  1. What’s My Name Intro (ft. Chanenray)
  2. Insane In The Membrane (Freestyle)
  3. Joey C
  4. Ice Ice Baby (Remix)
  5. Cool Like Dat
  6. Return of the Mack Remix (Ft. Mindy Layne)
  7. Real Emcees (ft. Owie Cough)
  8. Adrenaline Rush (Remix)
  9. Regulate (Remix)
  10. Old’s Cool (Skit)
  11. Grown AF (ft. Buc Hollinsworth)
  12. Flinttown Tribute
  13. June 27 Freestyle

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LB~Sickning and Ru’de Rae Raw – “War In These Streets” [Cartoon Music Video]

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Moonshine Bandits Are Saving Wild Horses With Their Own Whiskey Brand “Bucked Up Bourbon”!

Independent country hip-hop group Moonshine Bandits have announced their partnership with California Cowboy Whiskey to launch “Bucked Up Bourbon”.  From what we here at were personally told, this straight bourbon is smooth tasting and behaves with the same maturity and poise of a veteran-aged spirit, but still has the kick and flavor of an outlaw whiskey. And a portion of the proceeds from “Bucked up Bourbon” will be used to help rescue unwanted wild horses around the United States. Hot damn is that fresh!

From Kerosene Media: 

“Over the years we have consumed thousands of gallons of whiskey in every dive bar, saloon, and biker festival all across America, but it wasn’t until we taste-tested California Cowboy’s whiskeys that we felt there was a bourbon worthy of the MSB brand,” commented Big Tex from Moonshine Bandits. “We would put Bucked Up Bourbon against any other brand. Our bourbon is super smooth and built for anyone that lives life on the edge. Let’s get Bucked Up!”

Jeff Szafarski from California Cowboy Whiskey added, “At California Cowboy Whiskey we have collaborated with many great people over the years but we could not be more excited than to be working with Moonshine Bandits. Driven by our shared love for whiskey and a good time, we created something truly special with Bucked Up.”

“California Cowboy Whiskey is a whiskey brand inspired by the persistent, independent, and determined. True to the craft, our high-quality whiskeys are aged for a minimum of two years in newly charred American oak barrels with no added flavors or coloring.

California Cowboy Whiskey is proud to give back and be a voice for America’s wild horses. They have partnered with the Wild Horse Sanctuary in Shingletown, California, which has been rescuing unwanted wild horses since 1978. With a mission to protect and preserve America’s wild horses as a living national treasure,
the sanctuary provides 5,000 acres of lush mountain meadow and forest land for these animals to live out their days. With every purchase of California Cowboy products, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to help preserve and give a home to wild horses.”

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Mr. Hyde (Psycho+Logical-Records) New Heavy Hitter Collabo “U GOOD?” W/ Hec Teck Out Now!

We here at just wanted to remind everyone that Mr. Hyde (Psycho+Logical-Records) recently released this heavy hitter collabo titled “U GOOD?” with Hec Teck. Fans can support “U GOOD?” through Apple Music here:


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Yavid – First Love (Official Music Video)

official video for First Love Performed by Yavid

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