Meet The Awesome Women Behind The Scenes of Hemp and Cannabis Beer

It’s pretty hard to come across nearly any kind of product that doesn’t have a hemp or cannabis element to it yet. Soap, clothing and textiles, foods and desserts, beauty products of all kinds, medicines, TV shows—even weddings are getting all sorts of danked up. Now, one of the more recent in a long line of offerings incorporating pot into their production is beer.

Due to red tape, government restrictions, misinformation and antiquated laws, it has been challenging to get beer a ticket to the toker’s ball. Mixing weed and alcohol can give some people the spins, and it definitely makes the federal government spin its wheels on how to keep the two apart. Like a barrier between forlorn lovers, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TBB) just won’t let the two substances unite. For example, in May, Massachusetts shuttered Down The Road Beer Co’s attempt to be the first in the state to brew a beer containing CBD.

Many beer companies get around the fact that beer and marijuana aren’t allowed to commingle in the same beverage by making a proprietary formula that includes certain parts of the hemp plant that their state does allow to be used in brewing. This may include seeds or oils, or in certain cases, such as Hemperor’s HPA, or “Hemp Pale Ale”, hemp hearts, which were approved for use in beer-making in the 2014 Farm Bill. Despite that, Hemperor HPA was banned by the state of Kansas.

Because hemp and hops have similar odors, companies have also found ways to play upon our senses using the natural skunky stink of hops and perhaps a bit of olfactory sleight of hand to make beers that smell like weed without using any actual cannabis. Other brewers, like Canada’s Province Brands, work around not letting their cannabis and alcohol touch by making non-alcoholic beer. This option may prove to be popular. Alcohol-free beer allows for a very simple ingredient list, offers low calories, boasts a booze-free, short-lived buzz and leaves little if no hangover.

The beer industry is increasingly becoming more and more a woman’s playground, welcoming women into the echelons of upper management. Many breweries are even at the brink of developing beer marketing campaigns targeting women for the first time ever. Heineken USA hired a woman to fill the role of CEO, becoming the first top brewing company to ever do so. It’s an exciting time for beer, women, women in beer, marijuana (and hemp) in beer, and women in marijuana (and hemp) in beer.

We talked to some women in marijuana and hemp beer about their work and what it’s like to be there at this exciting time. Katie Wallace, the Assistant Sustainability director at New Belgium Ale (which produces Hemperor HPA), a company which also happens to be employee-owned and founded by a woman, offered her insight, as did several women from Canada’s Province Brands. Province Brands is developing what could very well be the first legal beer brewed from cannabis. They filed a patent for the first beers brewed from the cannabis plant, and expect to see it released as early as Fall 2019. Here are some of the things they had to say about the pioneering work they are doing in this new frontier of “kind beer”.

Meet Some Of The Awesome Women Behind The Scenes of Hemp and Cannabis Beer

Katie Wallace, 37, Fort Collins, Colorado-New Belgium Brewing Company; Courtesy of Katie Wallace

HT:  What is your specific role in working with The Hemperor HPA?

KW: My focus at the brewery is social and environmental responsibility. With every new beer innovation, you expect technical challenges, but the regulatory challenges around The Hemperor HPA inspired us to take action. My role is to help free hemp from these ill-informed laws, which would greatly benefit people, the planet, and provide our brewers with an exciting new ingredient to work with. I help the team understand the many benefits of hemp, and plug us into the other champions working to legalize the plant. We’ve worked with GCH [a company founded by Willie Nelson and his family], Vote Hemp, and many others doing powerful work behind the scenes. Our goal is to modernize outdated laws around industrial hemp production. It’s inspiring to work alongside these heroes and see the momentum that’s gaining around the new Farm Bill to finally legalize hemp.

What makes hemp beer different than regular beer?

Hemp hearts give the beer a nice, smooth consistency, and a spicy, slightly herbal tone. But the terpenes in the hemp flower and leaves is where we get the most interesting aromas. Much like hops (hops and cannabis are close cousins), hemp terpenes have a variety of flavors that are very interesting to brewers. As soon as cannabis was legalized in Colorado, our brewers started dreaming up ways to pair these plant cousins for a wildly different beer. Unfortunately, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), the federal agency that approves all of our beer formulas, rejected our original recipe made with hemp due to the part of the plant we wanted to use. We learned this was because certain parts of the plant are still considered Schedule 1 by the federal government. Instead of throwing in the towel, though, we gathered terpenes from other plants that together mimic the flavor profile of hemp. We used those terpenes to make a super dank beer with hemp hearts, and we’re giving Vote Hemp $1 for each barrel of beer we sell to help legalize hemp.

Is the hemp beer industry a mostly male-oriented business?

Hemp beer is still so new, I’m not sure there’s an industry around it. But the craft beer industry is predominantly male. This is changing so rapidly, though. Most women I know love beer, and so many rad ladies are getting into the brewing one way or another. The Pink Boots Society is helping to elevate this, and they seem to be akin to the Mary Janes: (badass) Women of Weed.

Any final thoughts?

At this point we’re focused on raising awareness around industrialized hemp. It’s a versatile and sustainable crop that could be playing a much bigger role in our economy. While we are very happy with the way The Hemperor HPA turned out, we would love to brew this beer with the whole hemp flower that is currently classified as a narcotic despite its lack of psychoactive properties. A change in these laws could result in great benefits to agriculture, textile, food and cosmetic industries. Not to mention beer!

Meet Some Of The Awesome Women Behind The Scenes of Hemp and Cannabis Beer

Jennifer Dianne Thomas, 34, New York – Province Brands Of Canada; Courtesy of Jennifer Dianne Thomas

HT: What is your specific role in working with cannabis beer and PB?

JDT: I am one of the founders of the company. I also serve the company as our Chief Legal Officer and the head of our legal and finance team.

How did you get started in your work with cannabis beer?

At Province Brands, we make beer and spirits brewed from cannabis or infused with cannabis. My speciality has always been working on legal matters for start-up and emerging growth companies in highly-regulated industries (like alcohol and tobacco). So transitioning into the marijuana industry was a natural fit. I initially ventured into the space a few years ago when I was working with private equity companies investing in cannabis and work with celebrity cannabis brands. When I connected with our CEO, Dooma Wendschuh, and caught wind of his brilliant idea to combine adult beverages and cannabis, the synergy with my experience was immediate and I began working with him to bring the dream of cannabis beer to life.

Do you personally use cannabis?
I love our products and try to be first in line when the products team needs a guinea pig.

Meet Some Of The Awesome Women Behind The Scenes of Hemp and Cannabis Beer

Caitlin Millay Krapf, 37, Los Angeles, CA – Province Brands of Canada; Courtesy of Caitlin Millay Krapf

HT: What is your specific role in working with cannabis beer and PB?

CMK: I’m VP of Human Resources and Organizational Development at Province Brands and lead our Productivity Team. That means I oversee everything related to HR and all of our Project Management.

Do you experience anything of a “grass ceiling” working with cannabis beer?

I’ve been extremely lucky at Province Brands. There was one point where I felt like an employee might not be listening to me because I was a woman. I brought my concern to Dooma and he said, “If that’s the case, he won’t last long at this company.” I worked everything out with the employee, but it was incredibly nice to have that immediate support.

What are some of the most exciting aspects of working with cannabis beer?

Personally, I love the mix of art and science. In another life, I actually went to college thinking I would major in Physics. I wound up a Film Studies major. I’ve always enjoyed the creative and the analytical. It’s incredibly fascinating to be able to work with both Ph.D. scientists doing incredible R&D, master brewers crafting the perfect flavor, and our Art and Marketing team that’s just doing breathtaking design work right now. It’s also great to be part of a team that’s really committed to quality and craftsmanship.

Do you know or have a guess of when cannabis beer will be legal in Canada?

The Canadian government has stated that edibles will be legalized within one year following the legalization of dried cannabis and cannabis oils, so the industry is anticipating that by Fall 2019, cannabis beer like ours will be on shelves – and we’ll be ready the moment that happens.

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Whitney Peyton Announces New Album; Pre-Order Now Available

Whitney Peyton has announced a plethora of information about her upcoming album, Iridescent.

Iridescent is set to be released on August 24, 2018. The album features R.A. the Rugged Man, Rittz, UnderRated, Wrekonize and more.

You can find pre-order links and the tracklist below.

Pre-order Links:

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Free Weed: Proper Cultivation Techniques from Crockett Family Farms

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The interview, recorded live at the 2018 NorCal Cannabis Cup, features Crockett from Crockett Family Farms speaking on proper cultivation techniques, his signature strain Tangie and how Mom and Pop weed growers can compete with corporate cannabis (13:30).

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Gene Simmons Discusses His Change of Heart on Weed: ‘Do Your Goddamn Research’

KISS legend Gene Simmons is a well-known anti-drugs guy, and an overall controversial character, who has spoken out against weed in the past. So, on a recent visit to Invictus MD, a publicly-traded Canadian cannabis producer and retailer, we were surprised to have a celebrity cameo from The Demon himself. Simmons professed that his views on cannabis have changed as of late, especially after joining Invictus as its Chief Evangelist Officer.

“I was one of those people who said cannabis is the same thing as heroin,” Simmons told High Times. “But it’s not! We’re told by researchers every single day that there is not only medical value in cannabis, but even miraculous results from cannabis-based products.”

Simmons explained he had gotten into the cannabis industry for financial reasons at first. However, his involvement rapidly led him to realize cannabis can help people suffering from very diverse ailments. “I’ve even seen very young girls and boys suffering from epilepsy being prescribed cannabis-based products and experiencing almost miraculous recoveries,” he said, adding that these sorts of things were the ones that had convinced him there was more to weed than just making money off stoners.

Consequently, Simmons has become a vocal proponent of marijuana legalization and an advocate for the need of education around the topic over the last few months.

“I, myself, was arrogant about the whole thing; I’m a straight guy who’s never smoked and never been drunk – although I think it’s OK for people to do so. So, for me cannabis was initially a financial play. But now I’m really proud of being associated with something I discovered has great medical potential,” he said during a recent interview with Entrepreneur Media.

“People are allowed to smoke cigarettes and governments are constantly lowering the age at which people can smoke; they will allow you to play Russian roulette with your goddamn health and possibly die miserably, horribly, painfully, but they won’t let people use cannabis.

“Even recreationally, I don’t see the harm for cannabis,” he added, revealing that KISS will be headlining a cannabis-themed music festival soon. “I’m OK with people smoking there. Nobody is going to get violent and pick a fight on cannabis,” Simmons said.

‘When Planets Align’

We had one more question for Simmons: How was the transition from being anti-pot to being pro pot?

“Life is what happens to you when the planets align,” Simmons answered contemplatively. “Doesn’t matter what your plans are.

“I never planned on getting into the cannabis world,” he added, unsurprisingly. However, fate would have it for Gene to meet numerous cannabis business execs in one day, after an associate of his suggested he consider cannabis as a financial opportunity.

Since that day, Gene has come to realize his relationship with cannabis was meant to be.

“Indians knew about it for a long time. Indigenous tribes around the world have been using it too. Whatever helps them survive or makes life more bearable is fine with many people,” he said. “And, you know, this society that we live in is judgmental… So, the only thing I’m urging everybody to do is, do your goddamn research. That’s all. Let research determine what should or shouldn’t be used.”

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M-Dot – “Late Homework” [Official Music Video]

With the current profusion of school hazing/bullying (administered from adolescent students to their less confident peers) brought to light in heralded news pieces more than ever it’s important to recognize all facets of the elementary torment. Offering an altered perspective to the narrative emcee M-Dot (Boston) scribes a vexing story of a teacher’s constant abuse toward his juvenile pupil. The vivid imagery gets video treatment (Shot in Providence, RI) where the aforementioned student acts upon his annoyance with grave reprisal years later. Production by the SoulSlicers (Switzerland) with demonizing scratches by the deck legend DJ 7L (Czarface).

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