I’m happy to say we are back once again for a brand new edition of the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight. This time we get a chance to speak with a G-Killa and discuss the California scene, his latest release, some things he has in the works and so much more. Honestly, if I keep telling you about it there would be no reason to continue to read… and we all want you to keep reading.

So, get ready to take a look into the mind of the man known as G-Killa and if you’re not familiar now, you’ll understand why you should be by the time you finish. See you on the other side.

    Johnny O: First, I’d like to thank you for taking the time out for this interview and welcome you to the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight.

    G-Killa: What’s up fam? Shout-out to all the fam thats been rocking with me from the beginning. Whoop Whoop.

    JO: Being from Fresno and having been around the scene for a number of years, how have things changed over the years?

    G-Killa: Over the years things are still the same theirs only a hand full of people in Fresno that rock with our type of scene. When I first started out I didn’t think anyone bumped Horrorcore but now I realize there are a few that rock with it.

    JO: How would you describe your own personal sound and style of music?

    G-Killa: I’d describe my style and sound as like a scary movie, and also mixed with some of my own personal thoughts in my mind.

    JO: Being the type of artist you are, how has the music scene been for you through your career?

    G-Killa: The Underground Music Scene has been good, obviously some doubters but fuck it thats how it is when your starting out.

    JO: Although you started at a young age, was there a particular moment that really made you decide to start making your own music?

    G-Killa: Man I can remember it clearly, my grandma had just passed and I was barely 14 years old bumping Twiztid and Insane Clown Posse, at that moment I said fuck it I’m doing this no more doubting myself 6-7 years later and I’m still here spitting the wicked shit.

    JO: ”Welcome to your demise” is your first full length release, how would you say it differs from your previous releases?

    G-Killa: “Welcome to your Demise” differs because this was the first time I had actually put together a full album, before this I had only had 1 single, and 1 EP, and I knew had to make this shit POP! Because of it being my first full album and I had already started building a small fan base.

    JO: Where can fans, or perspective fans, looking to pick up the new album and even your previous EP find it available?

    G-Killa: You can find my music on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Google Music, Napster, and I believe someone even bought my album off of Amazon Music

    JO: If we wanted to check out more from you, what would be the best place to find you online?

    G-Killa: Instagram is the main thing I’m on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hit me up on Facebook under G-Killa

    JO: Though we discussed your new album, is there anything else currently in the works that you could let us in on?

    G-Killa: There’s a couple things in the works, New Merchandise hoodies, shirts and maybe hats, and just got done collaborating with another artist in Horrorcore from Fresno goes by the name Mr. Dark, we had just did a track for his mix tape coming out soon. The tracks called “Bitch” and then also currently working on another full lengthen album called, “The Devil’s Advocate” dropping sometime in 2019 so want to find out more follow my Instagram and Facebook.

    JO: Let’s say you had the opportunity to work with any artist, who would you absolutely love to reach out to?

    G-Killa: Man well in the past I’ve reached out to Kung Fu Vampire and Gorilla Voltage, and Lex the Hex Master but at the time things weren’t the best for me personal wise so those collabs never happened but would definitly want to get those conversations up and going again. Also down the line I’d be down to try and collab with Twiztid, Tech N9ne, or Insane Clown Posse because they were the reason I got introduced to the fam, and this style of music.

    JO: Is there a particular moment so far that really stands out in your mind as a major point in your path as an artist?

    G-Killa: Major Points other then this article, damn probably all the interviews I’ve been able to do, and talking to all sorts of artists in the Underground that honestly never thought I’d talk too or that they’d even respond.

    JO: Who would you say have been your biggest musical influences through out the years?

    G-Killa: Fuck musical influences, N.W.A, Kung Fu Vampire, Chucky Chuck, KMK every artist in the Underground from California. Obviously Tech N9ne, Twiztid, and ICP.

    JO: If we stopped you now though, what we catch you listening to currently?

    G-Killa: Well currently I’m bumping Thanos by UGA their new album Anomaly 88 is my shit at the moment but usually I’m bumping my own music. Just cause why the fuck not aha.

    JO: We all have hard times in life, but what or who do you find keeps you pushing forward and to keep going?

    G-Killa: My mom on some real shit, she one of my biggest supporters. Myself, My homies. Mainly myself cause man in Fresno only 3-4 other people spit the wicked shit besides me so I’m trying to murder it while I can or until I’m 6 feet down.

    JO: As we come to a close is there anything you’d like to say to the Faygoluvers’ family?

    G-Killa: Shout out to the Faygoluvers Family for bringing us the up to date news of the Underground, and shout out to Scottie D and Johnny O for giving me this opportunity. Fuck who knows next time the interview might be audio or a face to face interview.

    JO: Now before we go, let’s end this on a positive note with some shout outs.

    G-Killa: Shout out to my graphic design team Bigger Picture Graphics, Shout out to my merchandise team SmartFit Clothing. Shout out to all you motherfuckas who been down with G-Killa since day one and Shout out to all the new fans to come. KEEP IT KILLA – G-Killa

    As much as always hate to say it, this brings us to the end of another fresh look at the underground here in the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight. I want to give a big Thank You to G-Killa and his whole crew for taking time out for this interview with us. If you liked what you read, heard or saw; make sure to keep up to date by following the social media links above and listed below.

    If you’re an artist of any kind and would like to be featured right here on the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight, you can e-mail directly at JohnnyO@faygoluvers.net. Just make sure to use the subject Underground Spotlight or something along those lines. So, until next time…


    Johnny O. 


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    CBD FAQ with New Hemp Manufacturer Populum

    What is Hemp Oil?

    Hemp oil contains a significant amount cannabidiol, but also other things like essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, terpenes, flavonoids, and over 80 other non-pychoactive cannabinoids that interact with your endocannabinoid system to help with homeostasis (bodily balance).

    How is it taken from the plant?

    Hemp oil is extracted from the plant using a distillation process.

    Are your farms ethical?

    Our hemp is ethically grown and farmed in Colorado. We are proud to be grown & formulated domestically.

    Where can we find your product?

    You can shop our products at populum.com.

    What is your connection to Omaha and Phoenix?

    Gunhee, our founder, is originally from Omaha. He is an alumnus of Mount Michael Benedictine High School. The company was founded in Tempe, AZ and Gunhee is a graduate of Arizona State University.

    Why are you based in Omaha and Phoenix?

    Our headquarters and fulfillment center is located in Tempe, AZ. We started an office that focuses on operations and customer service in Omaha, NE in Q4 of 2017. Our goal is to continue to grow talent in both locations, while also employing team members across the country that are passionate in our cause.

    How much revenue are you doing?

    The company was founded in late 2016. In 2017, our first full year, we did $550K. In 2018, we are projected to do $1M in revenue.

    How did you gain startup capital?

    We are 100% bootstrapped and have grown the company through reinvesting our profits. In 2018, we are looking to do $1M in revenue.

    Is it marijuana?

    CBD is derived from industrial hemp, which is not marijuana. The classification of industrial hemp can be found in the 2014 Farm Bill, which is defined as the following:

    Industrial hemp is the non-psychoactive, low-THC, genetically distinct varieties of the plant Cannabis sativa. Hemp has absolutely no use as a recreational drug. Section 7606 of the Farm Bill defines industrial hemp as “the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of such plant, whether growing or not, with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis.

    How is it not marijuana?

    Marijuana is grown with techniques that create a potency of THC in the final product. Hemp is not grown in this way, and is used for a variety of purposes outside of CBD oil, including textiles, food, and a variety of other materials. Every order from Populum comes with third-party lab results showing exactly what is in your CBD, and we always ensure that it is less than .3% THC.

    Do you believe in marijuana legalization?

    We would rather not get in the political debate for marijuana legalization. We are a strong advocate for separating hemp, as a crop, from marijuana and fully support all legislation that will help clarify the distinction.

    Do you make efforts towards marijuana legalization?


    How do you interact with/give back to the Phoenix/Omaha community?

    We have an initiative in our company to donate part of our profits quarterly to different non-profit organizations. We believe that an important part of providing a wellness product is ensuring that we are fulfilling our passion for helping people, and that it is imperative to ensure every person has a chance at being in good health. Most recently, we donated to Empowerment Systems, an Arizona-based nonprofit that provides classes for living with chronic conditions, as well as wellness coaching.

    How do you feel ASU helped prepare you to start this company?

    W.P Carey offered lot of opportunities to take on leadership roles and to grow professionally. Being part of Barrett, the honors college, also helped to be constantly challenged and surrounded by open-minded and ambitious individuals.

    How do we know it is safe?

    Part of our process is to conduct a third-party lab test with every batch we formulate each month. A copy of this lab report is included in every order, showing exactly what is in your hemp oil.

    Have you received any backlash?


    What are your company’s core values?

    Transparency. Quality. Superior customer experience.

    How did you get started?

    Our founder, Gunhee Park, first picked up a bottle of CBD oil in 2013. He was initially skeptical, but after using it over time, found it became a part of his daily supplement regimen. Soon after that, Gunhee’s mom called him to say she had to give up hiking, her favorite activity, because she was having pain in her knees. Gunhee wanted to help. After a couple of months of using both a CBD oil and topical, to their surprise, her inflammation subsided. Seeing his mom back on the hiking trail established Gunhee’s faith that hemp could be a lasting solution for everyone.

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    Rachel Paul Set To Release 4th Tarot Card Deck In 2019 Titled “Little Prince Tarot”

    As most know within the Juggalo community Rachel Paul is always consistently  hard at work to help make the Juggalo cutlure even more special, including her underground favorite Dark Carnival Tarot Card Deck Series.  The first Tarot Card Series within the Juggalo World! Voted the #1 Tarot Deck published in 2012 by Aeclectic.net. That means an independent artist beat out ALL major publishers for the world of tarot publishing’s most coveted title. Well we here at FLH have some exciting news! Miss Paul just announced on her personal page that she’s releasing her 4th tarot deck in 2019. An addition to the Dark Carnival Tarot, Sacred Bridges Tarot, and Circus Soul Oracle and it will be titled the “Little Prince Tarot”, based on the classic literary masterpiece!

    From Rachel Paul’s personal page:

    “I’ve been keeping a big secret, Family! <3 For the past 2 years, I’ve been working on a new tarot deck!!! Set to be published by Lo Scarabeo in 2019, The Little Prince Tarot is a collaboration between myself and incredible Italian artist Martina Rossi, based on a timeless children’s tale that is sooo rich with universal truths and the spirit of pure joy and wonder. This is a huge step and accomplishment for me as a lover of the sacred tarot and the profound story of The Little Prince. I hope this tarot journey touches your heart. It has changed me forever and is a huge milestone in my life! I’m like REALLY published, guys!!!! <3 Details coming in 2019!!!! So incredibly grateful!!!! Filled with gratitude and thanks. Have a magical day!”

    Sounds Fresh, ninjas! Whoop! Whoop!

    Stay Tuned  At Rachel Paul’s Personal Online Store Here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/darkcarnivaltarot?fbclid=IwAR05CEFb3LvRfO5GntLE1uHHB-1xZ0H1gV9mxzOQHKpM6o76j82g63TdmY4

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    Cypress Hill – Elephants on Acid

    On September 28th, Cypress Hill released their ninth full length album titled Elephants on Acid. Prior to this, their last studio album was 2010’s Rise Up. The only other Cypress Hill material from this time break was the EP Cypress x Rusko, which was a collaboration with dubstep artist Rusko. There were also a few greatest hits compilations released, which were nothing of note.

    1. Tusko
    2. Band of Gypsies
    3. Put ’em in the Ground
    4. Satao
    5. Jesus Was a Stoner
    6. Pass the Knife
    7. LSD
    8. Oh Na Na
    9. Holy Mountain
    10. Locos
    11. Falling Down
    12. Elephant Acid
    13. Insane OG
    14. The 5th Angel
    15. Warlord
    16. Reefer Man
    17. Thru the Rabbit Hole
    18. Crazy
    19. Muggs Is Dead
    20. Blood on My Hands
    21. Stairway to Heaven

    The 4 members of Cypress Hill were heavily involved in other projects. B-Real released numerous solo mixtapes and EPs, most notably his Dr. Greenthumb persona, which released an EP called The Prescription. He was also involved in many collaborations, including Prophets of Rage, which is a rap rock group also involving 2 members from Public Enemy and 3 members from Rage Against the Machine. Sen Dog made guest appearances on various albums, but most notably is the lead vocalist of the rap metal group Powerflo. Other members are from the metal bands Fear Factory, downset., and Biohazard. DJ Muggs revived the Soul Assassins project, serving as the main producer. He also focused on remix work and soundtracks. Eric Bobo formed a short-lived duo with Latin Batin and released one album. He was also instrumental in putting together an unreleased album by his deceased father, the jazz percussionist Willie Bobo. Now, some 8 years later, most of these influences, plus more, contributed to the release of Elephants on Acid.

    Unlike 2010’s Rise Up, this album is entirely produced by DJ Muggs, and it shows. There are lo-fi tracks that have a chilled vibe to them, reminding listeners of III: Temples of Boom. “Falling Down” is a perfect example of this, with a slow steady drum loop accompanying the occasional eerie keyboard line. “Put ’em in the Ground” is similar in style, but sped up. The distorted title is repeated as the hook, and is surprisingly catchy. “Band of Gypsies” is a drastic change for the group, with a heavy middle eastern influence. B-Real actually goes hand-in-hand with this experiment.

    “Jesus Was a Stoner” might be the slowest song on the album, and is the typical Cypress Hill smoke-out song, with a few religious overtones as a twist. “Locos” harks back to the classic “Locotes” track, and is considered a spiritual successor. The lo-fi beat style returns in this song, and DJ Muggs has put in some good effort to make it similar to the original. The storytelling isn’t as compelling as its prequel and is a bit unfocused, but the effort is clearly there. The lyrics for “Pass the Knife” takes cues from the self-titled Cypress Hill album. Although the group is mainly known for their marijuana and social issues, it can’t be forgotten that in the early days, the west coast gangsta rap lyrical style was their main forte. This song attempts to integrate that, but isn’t as steady as they once were, with “How I Could Just Kill a Man” as an early prime example.

    “Warlord” is a heavy hitter of a track. The lyrics are driven with vulgarity, and is one of the group’s most straightforward track to date. The beat itself is just as bold, with bass heavy drums and a singular keyboard lead throughout. Even though it rarely switches up, it flows well with the lyrics as intended. Although both of the vocalists do a solid job, Sen Dog sounds more convincing and threatening, and is a good fit without a doubt. Other songs are the opposite and is quite drivel with the lyrics, such as “Oh Na Na.” Although Cypress Hill can be a topic-charged group, sometimes they resort to simple ganja-related lyrics. They combine that with a catchy female chant during the hook, and their goal of a laid-back silly track is reached. A very similar new song to that is “Crazy” which lyrically and musically, is basically a copycat.

    Another marijuana-fueled track is “Reefer Man.” Although the chilled-out beat works well on most songs on this album, this one in particular sounds a bit more lazy than the others. The chorus is a reflection of that. “Stairway to Heaven” is a bit underwhelming as a final track. The beat is extremely slow, with a haphazardly sung female at times. B-Real has a short verse, but it isn’t too impactful.

    Based on officially released songwriting credits, this album contains the heaviest group effort yet. All 4 members are prominent throughout the writing process. One noteworthy song would be “Muggs Is Dead.” It sounds a bit silly, and doesn’t have any actual verses. Apparently all 4 members contributed to the song, but the frantic tribal drumming from Eric Bobo is the standout moment. In regards to short tracks, there are a lot. Even though the album has 21 tracks, there are 8 interludes. As noted, the lyrics on the album aren’t exactly consistent, and this isn’t supposed to be a concept album; nevertheless, they decided to include 8 interludes, even though they seem unnecessary and nothing is worth relistening to. “LSD” is the most annoying of the bunch, with an elephant trumpet and a simple piano the entire time, possibly signifying an elephant on acid.

    Clocking in at just over 51 minutes, Elephants on Acid is a welcomed return for Cypress Hill. There are related styles to the beats, and most songs have at least something distinct for them to stand out on their own; however, one exception is the complete lack of guitar or anything related. That is surprising, considering the fact that 2 out of the 4 members are still involved in rock/metal supergroups. As for the lyrics on the album, there are quite incoherent conceptually. It sounds like at some moments, the group is focused on what they want to say, but then do a quick 180. Elephants on Acid is an overall solid album, and even with its occasional shortcomings, the group effort is prominently displayed, and proudly is a welcomed addition to the lengthy history of Cypress Hill.

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    Boondox Announces New Album: “Liquor, Lies, & Legacy”; Pre-orders Up on Black Friday!

    Not long after Gorilla Voltage made the official announcement about their new album Gods & Claws, Boondox took to his social media sites and made an announcement of his own.

    He revealed the name of is upcoming album, Liquor, Lies & Legacy, and said that it would ALSO be available for pre-order on Black Friday (11/23)!  So while you’re placing that order for GV, make sure to snag the new Boondox as well…or vice versa! Either way, make sure to get them both!

    Lots of new music coming out of MNE in 2019…this is only the beginning!

    Click to enlarge!

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