10/31 – “The Wrath” (Ft Church of Mushroomhead) [Official Sneak Peek]

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Kevin Gill Interview: Part 2 Now Available for your Listening Enjoyment!

If you missed Part 1 of our epic 2 part interview with Kevin Gill, then we won’t hold it against you too much.  For those who did though, and want to stay caught up with what KG has going on, check that out here:

Now I know we left you hangin’ at the end of that one, and KG had just given us a super dope rant about what the Juggalo March means to him.  Seriously, if you only listen to 10 minutes of this interview, make it the last 10 of the video above!

Now, for those who want to dive a little deeper into the world of KG, here’s part 2 of our interview conducted by Chad Thomas Carsten:

The full rundown of topics covered goes a little something like this:

  • Working with ICP/Psychopathic Records
  • Working with JCW and other wrestling organizations
  • 3 Records that helped him through his personal struggles
  • Memories of New York Hardcore scene
  • First experience with wrestling commentary
  • The Kevin Gill Show podcast
  • The 18th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos
  • The Juggalo March and why it’s so important
  • Most embarrassing moments while commentating
  • Being a part of Backyard Wrestling, Grand Theft Auto, etc and what’s in store for KG in the future
  • Leaving the video game industry to pursue podcasting
  • Music artists / wrestlers he hasn’t interviewed yet but would like to
  • KG and ICP’s friendship
  • KG reaching out on behalf of Violent J’s son to restore some video game data
  • Words of wisdom on how to get gigs
  • Motivations
  • What KG hopes to accomplish in the future
  • Final words/thoughts

Give both parts a listen and let us know what you think!

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Lyte and Green Jelly Interview Tonight 7/23 @ 8pm EST

Those homies at 215 Ninjas are at it again, with one of the best underground podcasts in the game!

Tonight, the ninjas are bringing you two very special interviews that you can listen to while packing those last minute Gathering items. On Facebook Live at the 215 Ninjas page, the podcast will feature Psychopathic Record’s own debut artist Lyte who just released his first single, along with underground GOTJ legends Green Jelly!

It’s goin down tonight at 8pm. Peep 215 Ninjas on Facebook Live!

Peep the podcast here:

215 Ninjas on Facebook

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O.E – “Darkness” [Official Music Video]

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OCD – “Patrick Batman” [Official Music Video]

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