DJ Clay – “Don’t Quote Me” [Music Video]

The first video off of DJ Clay‘s debut album “Over the Fear of…
Album out 8/30/19
Directed by: Q

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Wave One of Astronomicon Guest Announcements Now Complete!

It’s creepin’ up on us slowly but surely, homies. Astronomicon 3 is goin’ down February 7th to the 9th, 2020 in Sterling Heights, MI. As the name of the event infers, this is the third year it’s is happening and we’ve already got six guest announcements!

Over at Astronomicon’s official Facebook page, they’re announcing guests in waves. A couple of weeks ago they start wave one of these guest announcements and now it’s completed!

Check out the first few ninjas you can expect to see if you hit up the event. MNE and Halloween film fans are gonna be happy as shit.

Lloyd Kaufman

  • Iconic film director
  • Creator of The Toxic Avenger
  • Co-founder of Troma Entertainment

Robert Carradine – Actor

  • Revenge of the Nerds actor
  • Escape From L.A. actor
  • Ghosts of Mars actor


  • Underground rap artists
  • Co-founders of Majik Ninja Entertainment
  • Twiztid as fuck


  • Underground rap artist
  • Majik Ninja Entertainment artist
  • Ya dead homie

Tom Atkins – Actor

  • Horror icon
  • Halloween III actor
  • Night of the Creeps actor

James Jude Courtney – Actor

  • Michael Myers in the current Halloween film series

Another scary guest announcement!!! This completes wave 1!! What do you think??

Posted by Astronomicon on Friday, August 16, 2019


You can pick up your tickets and your fresh-as-hell VIP packages right now at! 3-day weekend passes are only $60.00!  If you have kids 5 years of age and under, they get into the event absolutely free! For children 6 to 12 years of age, a weekend pass is only $15.00!

Wave two of guest announcements will be starting soon so keep your eyes peeled to Astronomicon’s Facebook page, homies!

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Draco (Founder of Releases New LP “Waterproof”

Those who are deep into the underground scene may remember Well, Draco was the head DJ and the owner and founder of the now defunct  It promoted the early career  of Dark Half when they first signed to Lyrikal Snuff Productionz, Dead Celebrity Status’s comeback release “Throwaway Kids”, Bloodshot first starting Slaughtercore Entertainment, Mizter 8 Legz first exploding onto the underground scene and tons more!  Sadly in 2014 the station faded away. Awesomely enough though Draco has always been hard at work for over a decade focusing on his own solo career.  We are at are always looking for unique styles of music and Draco’s newly released LP “Waterproof” is one of those underrated gems. It’s straight to the point and contains lyrical inspiration from a variety of hardcore punk and dark hip-hop. Readers decide for yourself, but “Waterproof” is worth a listen.
Underground fans can support Draco’s “Waterproof” at these links here:

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Ouija Macc VLOG: Episode 3 – The Lost VHS Tape (Dallas, TX)

This VHS tape was lost & found in Dallas, TX

Shot & Unedited by Carlos Cardenas

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Vampiro Vs. Mental Health: Help Support Vampiro Receive Stem Cell Replacement Therapy By The End Of The Year

Alright, ninjas. This ones gonna be a hard one to post. Recently our homie Vampiro has been going through some very difficult times. I was on the Museum a couple of days ago and noticed a ninja that posted a video from Vampiro on his public Facebook page. The caption they wrote simply said, “He needs your support.”
I watched the video and it was Vampiro in his car, crying, lost and alone with no one to talk to. As hard as he tries to be strong it’s extremely difficult. He suffers from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson and chronic arthritis throughout his entire body, and he’s desperately trying to keep it together. He states his meds turn him into a zombie but when he doesn’t take them…
He admits he’s embarrassed about posting the video. He’s not looking for sympathy but wants us to know he’s a fighter and he is going to beat this.
The main message he wants anyone to take away from the video is to never give up. Keep goin’ forward and eventually, you’ll be where you’re supposed to be.

Check out that video below.

This is what mental health looks like.But I am a tough spirit and will beat this.No sympathy … just understand those around you need love , that’s it

Posted by Vampiro on Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The next evening Vamp posted another video to update all of us on how he’s doing. He stated that in the previous video he was having a bit of a panic attack but that’s what happens when you don’t listen to your doctors and you don’t take your meds. It was a good lesson for him but what really astounded him was the outpour of support he received! He woke that morning to more than 800 messages from ninjas offering him words of love and encouragement!

Check out that video below.

Darkness in my car but major light in my life thanks too you!

Posted by Vampiro on Wednesday, August 14, 2019

He’s definitely doin’ a lot better as you can see!

In light of everything he’s recently been going through, he’s started a GoFundMe page called “Vampiro Vs. Metal Health
Because of these injuries and stigmas, he’s not able to do what he loves most and because of that, he hasn’t had an income in a year. He’s asking for financial help so he can receive stem cell replacement therapy in Columbia at the end of the year. Once he’s better and able to start bringing in a steady income, he’s going to pay it back by donating a portion of his earnings to those in need of financial aid.

You can check out that GoFundMe page right now by CLICKING HERE. If any of those ninjas that sent him the messages of support had a couple of extra bucks to kick in too that would help Vampiro immensely.

To Vampiro: If you’re reading this, I know what it’s like feeling like a zombie from taking meds, brother, but I hope you keep listening to those who care about you most.
I wish you all the best. You’ll pull through this, man! You will!
You are a strong motherfucker!

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