Everything You Need to Know About New Jersey’s Pot Laws

For seven years, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has gone out of his way to keep marijuana out of the hands of his constituents. The newly appointed “opiate czar” continually blocked expansion of his state’s medical marijuana program, going as far as recently calling cannabis reform a democratic plot to poison children. (Not. Even. Kidding.)

With support for legalization at 60 percent nationwide, it’s been reported that New Jersey’s next governor will almost certainly legalize pot. In fact, just last week, the chair of New Jersey’s Senate Judiciary Committee, state Senator Nicholas Scutari, introduced a bill aimed at establishing a taxed and regulated cannabis industry throughout the Garden State.

From what we can tell, New Jersey’s pot laws are ready to change—just as soon as Christie gets out of the way.

To give us all the dirty details on the drama, HIGH TIMES Senior Cultivation Editor Danny Danko recently went on Cheddar TV to discuss why Chris Christie hates weed so much, how legalization could be right around the corner and what that would mean for New Jersey.

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Man Gets 24 Years for Smuggling 880 Pounds of Pot

Photo by Justin Cannabis

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — A New York man convicted of smuggling about 880 pounds (400 kilograms) of marijuana on commercial flights from San Francisco to North Carolina has been sentenced to 24 years in federal prison.

The Charlotte Observer reports that 38-year-old Lavon Williams was sentenced Monday.

Prosecutors say Williams made at least 11 round trips between San Francisco and Charlotte between October 2014 and February 2015, carrying about 40 pounds (18 kilograms) of the drug aboard each flight.

Court records show a co-conspirator was arrested in February 2015 at Charlotte Douglas International Airport with marijuana. And authorities say they’re still seeking two others wanted in connection with the smuggling ring.

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Jeff Sessions Could Use Chemical Analysis to Crackdown on Legal Weed

With recent advances in science and technology, it is now possible for the U.S. Department of Justice to use chemical analysis to determine which legal marijuana states are supplying the black market.

In a study published in a November 2009 issue of the Journal of Forensic Science, researchers from Texas A&M found that the geographic origins of cannabis could be determined through an examination of the strontium isotopes absorbed by the plant.

Strontium is a stable isotope that is formed by the radioactive decay of rubidium, a soft metal that is sometimes used in fireworks to give off a purple color. Strontium itself is known as an “Alkaline Earth Metal,” estimated to be absorbed by the human body on an average of 2 mg per day. It has similar properties to calcium and exists naturally in human blood and bone.

Dr. Jason West and his colleagues at the Texas AgriLife Research Department of Ecosystem Science & Management of Uvalde, Texas, found that the amount of strontium contained within a cannabis plant could possibly be correlated by matching strontium levels found in the local geology of the region in which said plant was grown.

Basically, the isotope levels differ enough to leave a chemical “breadcrumb trail” that can be traced back to a specific area.

In 2010, researchers from the Department of Biology at the University of Utah were able to determine the origins of cannabis that was illegally smuggled over the border by analyzing carbon and hydrogen isotopes.

Additionally, these scientific hotshots were able to differentiate between plants grown indoors versus outdoors.

Later, in 2011, a machine was developed by Picarro, Inc in Santa Clara, California to be used by Customs Service to analyze carbon isotope levels of marijuana confiscated at the U.S.-Mexico and Canadian borders. In addition to preventing marijuana from entering the U.S., customs agents are also tasked with gathering information on its origins.

It is highly conceivable that these same machines could be utilized in the U.S. to detect and correlate isotope levels of black market cannabis.

The federal government has the authority to regulate interstate commerce. Thus, they can prosecute individuals for transporting cannabis across state lines, even from one legal state to another.

It is now well within the realm of possibility that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions could build a strong case against allowing legal marijuana to continue by using this technology to prove that pot grown in legal areas is being smuggled into areas of prohibition.

But then again, science has never been the U.S. government’s strong suit—especially when it comes to the cannabis plant. So if a federal marijuana crackdown is on the horizon, our guess is that it will not be supported, at all, by scientific evidence.

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Balla Beach Bonfire Added to the Gathering of the Juggalos

Shoutout to Faygoluvers forum member Hitmeup16 for pointing out that a nightly beach bonfire has been added to JuggaloGathering.com in the Other Flavor section! Fans of the former Hogdaddy’s Hellfire from the Cave-in-Rock Gatherings rejoice!

This bonfire will take place on Balla Beach each night from midnight til 3am and should make for a dope beach party lakeside, under the stars! Here’s the full details from JuggaloGathering.com:

Balla Beach Bonfire

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 12am–3am / Balla Beach

Smoke rises like mist above the expanse of a black lake that lays still with an eerie calm. Diamond stars shine brightly overhead, reflected with the silhouettes of the boughs of great pines. You feel the magic of hot fire warming your skin as a soft breeze lingers, carrying the sounds of music, laughter, and the jubilant shouts of the Juggalo Family. Suddenly, radiant orange and yellow faces manifest before you, shining forth from across the flames. “Sup, ninja! You got a light?” Enter the sacred circle of the Loon Lake Balla Beach Bonfire, where drinks will be shared, smoke will be passed, and Juggalo Family bonds will be formed that will last well beyond the smoke and ash. Warm up by this lakeside beach bonfire and ease your mind as you unwind and recline with homies by your side!

Dope! Who’s ready to kick it all night long and be ballas on the beach? Kumbaya, muthafackoo!

But the real question is, “Who wanna smoke with me?”

Stay tuned to Faygoluvers as more Juggalo Gathering flavor continues to drop!


from Faygoluvers

3 Beginner Grow Tips of the Week | May 23, 2017

Tuesday’s tips for beginner growers are brought to you by HIGH TIMES Cultivation Editor Nico Escondido. 

1. The goal of CO2 fertilization is to enrich the garden atmosphere from ambient levels of 300-400 PPM to around 1,200 PPM. Do not exceed 1,500 PPM in your CO2 levels, unless you have supercharged indoor lighting of 3,000+ lumens per square foot.

2. When selecting male plants for cannabis breeding projects, height is a primary factor that breeders look for, as well as trichome production near leaf bases and veins.

3. Gardens need lots of fresh air during the dark cycle. This is when oxygen is vital as the roots are using oxygen to grow at night. But the plant is not creating any itself as it “sleeps,” so O2 is at a premium. Turn your intake fans on periodically during the night.

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