The Cybertronic Spree Announced for the Gathering of the Juggalos!

The Gathering of the Juggalos has just announced another musical act that will be performing this year in Springville, Indiana! This time, it’s a group that I’ve never heard of, but after checking them out on Youtube, they are pretty fuckin’ dope!  They’re called the Cybertronic Spree, and are a Transformers-inspired band that play music from the 1986 Transformers movie, along with other cover songs.  Check the announcement below, and then stay tuned to peep a live video from them!


The 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos proudly presents The Cybertronic Spree! More than meets the eye, The Cybertronic Spree are here on Earth with one critical mission: To party like it’s 1986! Join Transformers Hotrod, Arcee, Rumble, Unicron, Soundwave, Bumblebee, Shockwave, and a Quintesson as these rockstars in disguise play music from 80’s classic Transformers: The Movie, along with cartoon and anime themes, 80’s and 90’s metal, and video game covers. Throwbaaaack! Charge up for an energon-fueled, amazing live performance that will leave 80s and 90s kids alike dazed and amazed. Cybertronic Spree brings the Transformers to life at GOTJ! So we got one question: Autobots or Decepticons?

Want to get a little glimpse into what you’ll be seeing if you check out their set?  Check this recent upload of the Cybertronic Spree performing the Led Zeppelin classic: “Immigrant Song”:

See more of their videos at the Cybertronic Spree Youtube Channel!

Make sure to get your Gathering tickets at!

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Ouija Macc Drops New “Resistance: The Walk To Wasteland” CD/Merch Pre-orders!

Earlier today, the homie Ouija Macc dropped a ton of merch over at his official webstore:!

All of this merch is in support of his upcoming album: Resistance: The Walk To Wasteland!  This may come as a surprise to you, but this 17 track album is slated to ship on May 27th!  If you are one of those ninjas who doesn’t fuck with physical copies, you can actually get the album from Google Play and iTunes as early as May 24th!  I searched, and I don’t see them up there yet, but they will be soon!

So now, the merch!  We’ve got a physical CD, t-shirts, hoodies, long-sleeved shirts, and more!  Check them all out below:

Here’s a price breakdown:

  • CD Only – $20.00
  • CD/t-shirt combo – $40.00
  • CD/Hoodie combo – $70.00
  • T-shirt only – $30.00
  • Hoodie only – $60.00
  • Tie die long sleeve shirt – $50.00

To get your hands on any of that flavor, just hit up!

Ouija Macc has also dropped a brand new music video for the track “Friends”, which is actually a pre-order exclusive for his upcoming album.  In case you missed that, peep it below:

There’s lots coming down the pipeline from Ouija, so keep posted to FLH and we’ll keep you up to date!

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Ouija Macc – “Friends” [Official Music Video]

Get the unreleased song “Friends” now! along with “Lil Monster” instantly, when you Pre-order “Resistance: The Walk To Wasteland” on Google Play or iTunes… The official release is coming 5/24 but you don’t have to wait baby!!!! Grab these bangers now!!! Go Gary, Go! Get your ass on Itunes or Google Play & grab “Resistance: The Walk To Wasteland” at exactly midnight tonight!!!!!

CD Pre-Order & Merch bundles available as well which includes unreleased content not on the digital version!!!! as well as brand new exclusive “RESISTANCE” MERCH!! At the all new OUIJA MACC SHOP!!!! [ ] .

Subscribe to this channel & Enable Notifications for the next drop! The next visual will be unveiled 5/24! The walk to wasteland is nearly upon us. Some have already begun.

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Mailman Delivers Cannabis to Home Being Raided by Police

North Port, Florida has two medical cannabis dispensaries. But neither of them should be confused with a residence on the 5600 block of Brickell Drive, where police served a warrant and arrested two men on multiple drug charges Thursday. The USPS carrier who showed up while police were executing the warrant was probably confused, however, as he attempted to deliver a package containing cannabis buds, THC wax and vaporizer cartridges with law enforcement still on the scene.

USPS Carrier Delivers Weed, Wax and Vape Cartridges While Police Raid a Home

When it was all said and done, North Park, Florida police arrested two men and seized four pounds of cannabis buds, 243 grams of THC wax, 97 THC vaporizer cartridges, 12 grams of cocaine, liquid codeine and 2 handguns with extended 30 round magazines from a residence in the 5600 block of Brickell Drive they raided on May 16.

But most of that contraband arrived at the house while police were on the scene executing the warrant, searching the home and making arrests. That’s because a U.S. Postal Service carrier showed up with them in the middle of the raid.

The packaged the carrier delivered during the raid contained several vacuum-sealed bags of cannabis products. According to police reports, the package included four pounds of weed, 223 grams of THC wax and 50 THC vape cartridges. The guns and other substances were found during a search of the residence.

Florida Drug Enforcement Keeps Up as State Expands Medical Cannabis Access

Stemming from the raid, police arrested 24-year-old Bryan Vanskiver and 19-year-old David Chesser. Both face multiple charges, including drug possession, drug sales, drug equipment and weapons charges. North Port law enforcement have booked Vanskiver and Chesser in a Sarasota County jail.

But just a 10 minute drive down Route 41 from the spot where police raided a home, arrested two men and seized several forms of marijuana, stand two medical cannabis dispensaries offering Florida medcard patients everything from THC oils to vape cartridges, tinctures, concentrates, smokable flower and more.

In Florida, law enforcement continues to crack down on suspected unauthorized cannabis sellers. They’re even going after shop owners and sweet old ladies for selling and possessing cannabidiol (CBD). Meanwhile, marijuana legalization advocates continue to press for statewide adult-use. And health and patient advocates have succeeded in expanding Florida’s restrictive medical cannabis program.

Florida’s medical cannabis program has already grown to support a roughly $5.7 billion industry, according to a recent report. In all, the state has registered nearly a quarter million medical cannabis patients and there are nearly 2,000 qualified physicians who can issue recommendations.

Yet Florida’s medical cannabis patients still face discrimination at work and at school. Some have even lost their jobs.

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