Detroit Emcee Dubbs (Mission Infect) Announces Trilogy of Terror 2 Deluxe Edition; Comes With Crossworm Remix Album. “Perfect” LP Closer To Releasing

 Dubbs (2018 Faygoluvers Music Award Winner) of Mission Infect is always hard at work in his Detroit studio making sure the underground hip-hop heads are receiving their daily needed dose of authentic hip-hop to pound in the streets.  Dubbs  keeps busting his ass lyrically for his new upcoming full length LP titled “Perfect”.  But today he just announced from his personal social media pages that pre-orders are up for the new Trilogy of Terror 2 Deluxe Edition and it comes with an MP3 download when you order, including the new Trilogy of Terror 2 [Destroyed by Crossworm] before it officially releases March 13th, 2019. 

From Dubbs himself:

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“So basically Trilogy of Terror 2 is the follow up to the original Trilogy of Terror (3 song EP) I dropped in 2012. I promoted it as such, but this one is way different. Not horrorcore at all, basically a trip through the horrors within our minds. A representation of anxiety and depression. One of my favorite pieces of work, despite it being a mere three songs. The next album is titled “Perfect”. Shipping “Perfect” sessions off to mix/master as we speak.”

So not only is the Detroit emcee about to drop a deluxe edition of the Trilogy of Terror 2 March 13th, 2019 with a Crossworm album remix included, Dubbs is also one step closer to dropping an atomic hip-hop bomb of an LP brimming with  continuous flavor. These releases are what the underground desperately  needs right now to remain fresh and that freshness is locked away within  the lyrical content of “Perfect” and The “Trilogy of Terror”!

Stay Tuned To These Links For Pre-orders and News Regarding Dubbs:

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J-Reno Dives Back Into His Sadist Persona! Releases Free Album W/ Labrynthine Titled “Surrounded By Flames”

Hailing from Windsor, Canada; J Reno represents the underground to it’s fullest! For over twenty years he’s been on the mic and even charted on the billboard top twenty-five  hip-hop with his masterpiece single, “Snap Music”. “Snap Music” originally appeared on the hip-hop compilation “Tunnel Runners” released by Psychopathic Records, “Snap Music” immediately put him even further in the underground spotlight.  Then J-Reno’s single “Hydro Bills” suddenly went viral across the web, including wide coverage by Vice News.  Lately he’s been wildly steady with his very own The Bunker Studios, a a multi-faceted production company based in Windsor, Ontario. Offering a wide selection of artist services including but not limited to recording, mixing, mastering, production, coaching & mentoring, graphic design, branding and video Editing. The Bunker was personally founded  J-Reno as a means to offer the local scene an affordable & professional recording experience in at atmosphere where an artists music is the center! Now  The hardcore lovers of underground music who’ve been following the Wicked Underground Hip-Hop scene since the early 2,000’s know Mr. Reno stage name used to simply be ” The Sadist”. We here at Faygoluvers have some kick ass news! Outta nowhere J-Reno decided to drop an entire free record for the fans under his Sadist personal titled “Surrounded By Flames” with fellow wicket spitter Labrynithine and its pure raw horror hip-hop front to back! 10 solid tracks that’s guaranteed to wake the dead due to its mind-melting murder rap content!


Bump “Surrounded By Flames” on full blast tonight at the link below. Don’t sleep on this fire!

The Official Collaboration Album between J Reno and Labrynthine


Released February 13, 2019

Produced, Engineered, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by J Reno at The Bunker Studios in Windsor, Ontario Canada.

Written by: J Reno & Labrynthine

Additional Lyrics provided by: Krimmy Van Skull & BAD MiND

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