ABK’s Orange/Black 2018 Available Now at TheWarriorSpot.com

Every year around Halloween time, our Native World homie ABK releases his Halloween themed Orange/Black single. This year’s single is titled “Walking Alone” and is available for purchase on CD right now over at TheWarriorSpot.com!

He’s been dropping these singles yearly since 2006. I’m sure there’s collectors out there looking to get he entire lot, or have the entire lot. Well here’s another edition for ya.

You can pick that up for only $4.99 by CLICKING HERE.

Check out the CD artwork:

Not only is the individual CD available, but there is also an Orange Black Pack you can grab that comes with bunch of different items.

These include:

  • ABK’s Orange Black 2018 CD Single “Walking Alone”
  • Limited Edition Electric Orange ABK Pumpkin Hoodie
  • Limited Edition Electric Orange ABK Logo Snapback
  • Black and Orange ABK Bandana
  • ABK Tubular Face Mask
  • Black and Orange Native World Logo Tee
  • Trick-r-Treat Bag* (Not Pictured) While Supplies Last*

If you’re ordering the Orange Black Pack it’ll be shipping out on October 1st. You can pick that up by CLICKING HERE.

One final thing I wanna mention is for you ninjas with baby warriors out there. This limited edition Baby ABK Pumpkin Onesie:

Pretty fuckin’ dope. For 12-18 months. You can pick that up for $11.99 by CLICKING HERE.

We’re definitely getting into the Halloween spirit here in the underground, Juggalos.

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Texas Gothic Rockers One-Eyed Doll Launch One Day 5 Dollar CD Sale

How many ninjas were mind blown during One-Eyed Doll’s beautifully chaotic inspirational set at The Gathering of the Juggalos 2016 in Thornville, Ohio and wanted to support the two-piece Austin, Texas Gothic band at their merch table, but ran outta cash before hand and still couldn’t afterwards because of stacked bills?! Well, we have great news for you! One-Eyed Doll just announced across Social Media that their official online store will be selling 5 dollars CD’s for 24 hours only! Whoa!

Straight from One-Eyed Doll drummer Junior:


What OED/KF CDs are missing from your collection? We’re doing a 1 day $5 sale for all of our CDs at our shop. If you’re missing any CDs, today is the day to get them! Free shipping worldwide at $100.We also only have about 30 copies of the original Hole, and we’re never ordering them again. So if  you want that version, get it now.

In case you need a reminder of our catalog to complete your collection I’ll list them here:

One-Eyed Doll:
Something About A Dragon
Something Wicked

Kimberly Freeman Solo:
Into Outer Space
Secret Lullaby”

Purchase One-Eyed Doll 5 dollar CD’s here: https://shop.oneeyeddoll.com/

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Fuego Flamez – “Get The Strap” [Official Audio]

Man On Fire The Mixtape Coming Soon

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Ouija Macc-ASTARI (Official Video)


PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/ouijamacc **Video Production Credits** Shot, Directed & Edited by; Buttress

**Audio Production credits** Devereauxxx Check the merch –https://trash-gang.com/trash-shop/ TRXSH GXNG ——————————————————————————— TRASH 新 ドラゴン –

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ABK and Blaze Announce Juggalo Unity Tour! Now Booking Nationwide!

Juggalo Detroit hip-hop Generals Anybody Killa and Blaze Ya Dead Homie just announced a new tour and looks like their main goal is to re-unite the Juggalo scene as a full supportive family movement again! That’s right! The Juggalo Unity Tour will be arriving and its ready to booked nationwide! So if you want to book a fresh set brimming with new and classic Drive By bangers to wake up your own urban decayed neighborhood, please hit up  (only if you’re serious) info@whitemountainagency.com. Subject being ABK and Blaze’s Juggalo Unity Tour Booking Info inside your e-mail.  Whoop! Whoop!


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