Mission:Infect drops first album in 7 years…arM:Igeddon!

It’s been SEVEN YEARS  since the last Mission:Infect group project dropped.  When this new project, arM:Igeddon was announced, long-time fans were excited as fuck about it!

This long overdue 7 track album definitely lives up to the hype!  It dropped yesterday, and you can check the track list below.

  1. Pathogen (Lo Key, Madd Maxxx, Tha Wikid One, GrewSum)
  2. Guns Up (BadLuck, GrewSum, Lo Key)
  3. Old Man Flow (GrewSum, Lo Key, BadLuck)
  4. Load Em Up (Lo Key, Madd Maxxx, Tha Wikid One, DurtE)
  5. Get Ya Mask On (Lo Key, BadLuck, GrewSum)
  6. Fire Back (Malaria, Lo Key, Dubbs)
  7. Welcome Home (GrewSum, BadLuck, Mumm Ra, Malaria, Saint Sinna, ZERO)

You’ve got a few different options on how to get a hold of this 7 track album!  The first is via Spotify and all other streaming services.  Listen to that here:

If you’ve still gotta get your hands on a physical copy, you’ve got an option for that too!  Get your CD copy for $13.00 by clicking the link below:

Click to purchase arM:Igeddon on CD!

Whatever way you choose to peep it, do NOT sleep on this album!  At just over 25 minutes long, it’s a quick listen that you’re gonna want to have on repeat!  After you give it a listen, let us know what you think!

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