Product Review: THC High Energy Gummies by Simply Crafted

I’ve reluctantly become a cannabis fan because I love natural health. I had brief encounters with joints during my teenage years at parties but I’ve always been too concerned about the negative effects of smoking. As an adult, I found a partner who is passionate about cannabis. Slowly but surely, this partner introduced me to a lifestyle of getting recreationally high, which has significantly reduced my alcohol consumption while offering me medicinal benefits. Sure, I enjoy a good toking session. But I’ve settled on mainly using edibles since it spared my lungs from coughing. That’s not to say that I don’t realize there is room for improvement in the world of edibles. 

Whenever I try a new edible, I always have to eat it in increments. On one too many occasions, I’ve eaten a whole gummy only to find myself unable to form a coherent sentence and knocked out on the couch for the next 12 hours. So here’s my approach: sometimes I’ll eat half of a gummy and other times, when I’m feeling a little more reserved, I’ll even start with half of a half. It’s a finicky technique that has led me to unfairly develop a love-hate relationship with edibles.

Most edibles, in my opinion, are made with formulas that focus on way too much THC potency, which makes it impossible to discern any unique qualities about the product or even the high. When you’re stoned you simply can’t discern those details. Yet edible products are such an amazing opportunity to experiment with flavors, sensations, and effects. It’s frustrating to me that not enough brands are exploring that. 

So having recently tried THC High Energy Gummies by Simply Crafted, I was pleasantly surprised to encounter a brand that created an edible that goes against the norm of just focusing on providing a THC high. I absolutely loved how it was created to harness the benefits of cannabis as a health supplement while combining other medicinal ingredients. Their marketing promises to deliver a “balanced and stimulating experience” that can be used to “transform your daily routine”. After trying the gummies myself, it definitely lives up to what it was designed to be.

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To test out the product, I wanted to see if it actually could energize me. I decided to dive right in and eat a whole gummy on a Tuesday morning at home. Over the next few hours, I functioned very well and I got a lot of work done. I’m a writer by trade and I could still type and take notes for work without being slowed down. I did sense a sativa vibe that provided a good day high and put me in an uplifting mood, which is the opposite of the normal sleepy state I go into after eating an edible. It was almost like the post-workout buzz and mental clarity that you experience after going to the gym or on a long run. (I also tested them out a second time in the same week and I am happy to report the same results). 

I’m a big health and wellness type of person, and it seems that the brains at Simply Crafted were thinking of people like me when they were concocting this product. It’s a neat edible because it’s infused with only 5mg hemp-derived THC, and then 100mg lion’s mane mushroom and ginseng, so it’s far less of a cannabis product and more of a nootropic supplement (nootropics are a category of medicinal substances that enhance cognitive ability). 

Another thing I love about the company is that they provide the full lab report of the product on their website so you understand its cannabinoid properties, which can be easily accessed via a QR code on their packaging. It’s a transparent and clean product that is organic, has no toxins, and is fully vegan. 

However, it’s worth noting that the THC effects in this edible are so mild that I didn’t feel any traditional high sensation at all. So if you’re looking for a strong buzz or looking for a gummy to get you to chill out and relax, this edible isn’t the one for the task. And it would be a waste to use this edible for just doing nothing. These gummies are for individuals who want to use cannabis to increase their productivity and regulate their emotions. It could easily be taken daily as a supplement. Or, you could save these gummies to use only on days when you simply need to get your head in the zone. It’s an easy, relatively inexpensive, and low-risk addition to any medicine cabinet.

The product is sold in packages containing ten gummies, with one-half or an entire gummy being suggested per serving. The gummies come in large square shapes in a flavor called “Strawnana” which tastes like a pleasant, mildly sweet, and familiar taste that’s unique compared to other edibles I’ve tried. Since there’s a low amount of Delta-9 THC in relation to the other main active ingredients, I tasted hardly any trace of the THC flavor that I am so accustomed to with other edibles.

There’s a good level of restraint in how much THC was used in the recipe because the formula focuses on creating an energizing experience for the user. And I just love that because it’s products like this that are approachable for consumers who aren’t experienced with using cannabis edibles. It doesn’t look, taste, or feel particularly like a cannabis edible. The profound thing about these gummies is that it’s a product that bridges the gap between cannabis aficionados and those who haven’t touched weed before. I would confidently suggest this edible to anyone in my family without feeling like I have to explain or warn of the THC effects in the formula. Sure, a cannabis aficionado could detect the presence of THC in the gummy. But getting high is not the point of this edible and you can feel that. 

Courtesy Simply Crafted

THC High Energy Gummies combine some of the most regarded nootropics on earth into an edible. The hemp-derived THC is a supporting ingredient and while it plays an important role in creating an energizing gummy that promotes mental clarity, it’s used for working harmony with other power-house nootropics. The inclusion of lion’s mane mushroom is a real selling point of the formula. There’s a myriad of lion’s mane mushroom health products on the market because it’s proven to support cognitive functions like nerve repair and dementia prevention. Ginseng is in the mix too, which is a famous root that is traditionally used for enhancing energy and overall well-being. 

If you enjoy using THC for its health benefits but also want to supplement your diet with wellness ingredients like lion’s mane mushroom and ginseng, THC High Energy Gummies take care of that for you. And there really isn’t another product currently that combines these three ingredients into a single product  – it’s basically a unicorn. Not only is this brand obviously focused on health and quality, they’re downright innovative. I personally have not come across another product that combined delta-9 THC with nootropics and I’m so glad that Simply Crafted has recognized this need for consumers. After sampling these edibles and sharing them with my partner, we’re already planning to order more.

With 5mg of THC per gummy, you can eat them whole without fear of taking too much. They won’t get you stoned and they don’t promise to. These edibles are on the light side but a solid choice for a beginner or for someone who doesn’t prefer to consume a lot of THC. They’re also fantastic for anyone who is looking to incorporate more medicinal substances into their routine without having to juggle multiple health products. Definitely reach out for some THC High Energy Gummies by Simply Crafted if you want a nice, uplifting high that makes you feel good and more focused throughout the day. Your body will thank you.

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