Reviewing Binoid’s 7 Gram Disposable

Binoid has just launched something that the industry didn’t think was possible just a few years ago – a disposable vaping device that carries a stunning 7 grams of vape oil, powered by a comprehensive battery and advanced coil.  This rechargeable vaping device is referred to as the “Slush Series”, named after the lineup of strains that are all inspired by slushie beverages.  

Placing THCA front and center, the vape oil contains additional cannabinoids as well, for a fully satisfying experience that Binoid can deliver like no other.  We got to try this disposable for ourselves, so we’re going to review it for you right now.

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The New 7 Gram THCA Disposable Vape – Slush Series from Binoid

Binoid’s 7 Gram THCA Disposable Vape is the first of its kind, as no disposable vaping device has managed to pull off 7 whole grams of cannabis-based vape oil yet. It features a rechargeable battery, and is ready to vape right off the bat, as no setup is required. Aside from occasional recharging, it doesn’t need any maintenance, and it contains a blend of live resin and cannabinoid distillates, both of which have undergone strict third-party testing.

Binoid’s 7 Gram Disposable First Impression

Let’s talk about the first impression. The box has a cool design on it, and the labeling covers all of your bases pertaining to things like ingredients, directions, the name of the strain, and so on. The device itself is visually striking – obviously not a necessity, but really does catch the eye and make the overall experience all the more enjoyable. The most unique device in the THC industry. 

The Strain Selection

Strains are super important, and today’s stoners care abouts strains more than ever.  Keep in mind that these strains come in the form of live resin hemp extract – an ultra-rich and flavorful extract that come from fresh, flash-frozen, rather than dry-cured flower, and retains a higher level of trichomes for a stronger concentration of terpenes.  

The strain options all belong to the “Slush Series,” which is the brand’s playful variety of strains named after slushy drinks.  The options are:

  • Grape Slushie: A sativa-dominant strain that’s super giggly and euphoric, perfect for socializing.
  • Blueberry Slush: A fruity strain that’s indica-dominant, and can bring you into a state of powerful, hazy couchlock.
  • Dew Drop: AKA Lemon OG, Dew Drop is an indica-leaning hybrid that’s great for late-night partaking, due to its tranquil effects.
  • Strawberry Slush: This indica-dominant hybrid is extremely balanced, helping you feel both at peace and uplifted, without being too energizing or drowsy.
  • Pina Colada: A delicious 50/50 hybrid that feels more like a sativa thanks to its uplifting, focus-enhancing properties.
  • Blue Razz: A sweet and sour indica-leaning hybrid that’s great for calming down those thoughts and feeling at total peace with your surroundings.

The Strongest Cannabinoids

Courtesy Binoid

Now we can move onto the cannabinoid blend itself. The 7 gram disposables line comes in two choices, as 1 of 2 cannabinoid blends is assigned to each strain above. First, you have THCA + delta 9P + delta 9H. The THCA is self-explanatory, and the latter two cannabinoids are isomers of delta 9, bonded to THC-P and THC-H respectively, offering even more potency than their naturally occurring counterparts.  

The second option is THCA + HHC-P, the cannabinoid that’s 10 times as intoxicating as HHC. Either way, prepare to get really high, as these cannabinoid blends are both very powerful.

The One and Only 7 Gram Device On The Market

The Binoid 7 gram device performs great, we’re pleased to say. The pulls are nice and smooth, and the high-capacity battery lends itself to nicely sized, fluffy clouds.  We didn’t run into any issues whatsoever, thankfully. Most issues with larger disposables is that they leak, clog and don’t work after a few grams. We still have 1 gram left in the tank and the device is still running. This is great news for those who want a great value disposable.

The 7 Gram Slush Flavor Experience

We went with Grape Slushie, because it’s a great afternoon vape that can be enjoyed with friends.  Before we talk about the high itself, let’s dive into the flavor.  This is a very, very delicious strain that, to us, tasted like sweet, plump grapes blended with sour citrus. There’s a sugary sweetness to it that makes you want to lick your lips after each puff, and no doubt, the fact that it’s live resin really helps make it even tastier.

Courtesy Binoid

The Binoid 7 Gram Disposable High

The high kicked in within about 10 minutes – probably thanks largely to the potency of the cannabinoids – and immediately, there was a feeling of giddy euphoria, and the giggly effects are legit. The high lasted for about 3 hours, and the general “lifted” effect persisted the whole time. There was no crash or couchlock at any point, and we were able to stay relatively clear-minded, while there was a clear body high effect that felt warm and tingly.

Try Binoid’s 7 Gram THCA Disposable Vape Today!

Binoid has done it again – this time, with a first-of-its-kind vaping system that’s convenient, portable, and powerful, with 7 whopping grams of potent cannabinoids and delicious terpenes. Fortunately, it’s already available on their website, so you don’t have to wait to find out for yourself why this exquisite vaping system has got it all. Try the 7 Gram THCA Disposable Vape at Binoid for yourself, and choose from some phenomenal strains, all in mouthwatering live resin form. 

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