From the Makers of the VOLCANO – The Breathtaking New VENTY

  1. A Game-Changing Vaporizer

German innovation has once again taken center stage with STORZ & BICKEL’s introduction of the VENTY, one of the highest-performing portable vaporizers on the market. As the world’s only medically certified manufacturers of vaporizers and makers of the iconic VOLCANO series, STORZ & BICKEL have come up with truly game-changing features for the new slim, fast, and customizable VENTY. Jürgen Bickel, founder and managing director, introduced the breathtaking new portable device in the company’s latest keynote on October 17th.

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  1. Unmatched Speed: Ready When You Are

The first and probably most interesting standout feature of the VENTY is its lightning-fast heat-up time. Equipped with two powerful Li-ion batteries, an intelligent software design, and an innovative mini-heater, STORZ & BICKEL’s new powerhouse reaches the desired temperature within an unmatched 20 seconds. This promises minimal waiting and a seamless vaping experience. About the use of the VENTY, Jürgen Bickel stated: “It technically still is a session vaporizer, but it comes very close to an on-demand device. I just turn it on while walking down the stairs, and the VENTY is always ready for powerful, spontaneous, and discreet moments.” With this astonishingly short heat-up time in a portable device, the German manufacturer and market leader is indeed breaking records, unleashing potential.

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  1. Find Your Sweet Spot

Distinguishing itself from competitors and giving users full control over their vaporizing experience, STORZ & BICKEL engineered the first portable vaporizer of its kind to offer an adjustable airflow. Moreover, the VENTY is one of the highest-performing portable devices on the market, with an impressive maximum of 20 liters of air per minute. STORZ & BICKEL thereby nearly doubled the amount of cool, tasty vapor in comparison to its predecessor and all-time throne holder, the MIGHTY+. The VENTY’s customizable airflow settings ensure an exceptionally low draw resistance while allowing users to tailor each session to their exact preferences. On top of that, the VENTY includes a newly developed flowmeter that measures the negative pressure of the inhalation and dynamically adjusts the heating to match the draw. This results in consistent and excellent vapor production, no matter the intensity of the inhalation. These new features, combined with the VENTY’s temperature precision, which is modifiable and visible for the user directly on the device, make it as easy as it has never been before to find your own personal sweet spot.

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  1. Smart, Sturdy, Sleek: Setting New Standards, Again

STORZ & BICKEL, never shy about groundbreaking innovations, re-designed their patented convection and conduction heater and cooling technology for the VENTY. Moreover, the company came up with a new and, so far, the most sophisticated heating management system these pioneers have ever built. The re-shaped Cooling Unit and housing encapsulating the heater are made of medical-grade PEEK – a material used in medical engineering and aerospace. The ingeniously efficient new mini heater provides the fastest heat-up time of any STORZ & BICKEL vaporizer so far. It consists of an electrifiable, thus heated, wire around the heating block with holes in its center, through which air is drawn. At its maximum stage, the VENTY boasts a maximum power usage of 130 Watts at 16 Amps and therefore exceeds the currently highest-performing portable vaporizer from STORZ & BICKEL – the MIGHTY+, with a maximum of 40 Watts – by far, setting new industry standards again. The smart new VENTY supports Bluetooth and is customizable with the STORZ & BICKEL Web App. Various settings can be accessed and adjusted, like the desired temperature from 40°C – 210°C (104°F – 410°F), two pre-set Booster temperatures, the display’s brightness, vibration settings, and an ECO-charge mode. The new device allows users to modify the vaporizer to their personal taste, while software updates over the air can be implemented – all from the convenience of their smartphones. Crafted according to the high standards for medically certified manufacturers, the VENTY guarantees superior quality in performance and endurance. Therefore, it complements an active lifestyle, offering a breath of fresh adventure, whether on a mountain peak or oceanside. The VENTY is splash-proof, all materials are food-safe, and the housing is non-heat-conductive, making it touch-proof, despite the power unleashed inside this smart, sturdy, and sleek device.

  1. Quality Made in Germany 

STORZ & BICKEL is the unattained global leading brand for high-end vaporizers and is truly unique as the world’s first medically certified manufacturer of vaporizers. Based in Tuttlingen, Germany, STORZ & BICKEL continuously drives the advancement of vaporization technology, providing a safe and efficient means of consuming cannabis for medical as well as recreational purposes. For more than 20 years, the company and their commitment to quality, innovation, and compliance have consistently delivered exceptional products that meet and exceed the highest industry standards. From the iconic VOLCANO series to the new portable VENTY, the state-of-the-art vaporizers of STORZ & BICKEL, Made in Germany, seamlessly blend reliable innovative technology with timeless elegance and promise an elevated everyday vaporization experience.

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