CAARNIVORZ Group Members Revealed! Zitro and CLAAS will drop a NEW album November 24th!

There has been a mysterious name floating around since Unity Fest 2023 was announced.  The group Caarnivorz was posted on the Unity Fest flyer with no mention of who or what they are.

Well your homies here at Faygoluvers are here to make the announcement…CAARNIVORZ is the new group project from CLAAS and ZITRO!

They will be dropping a brand new album called CAARNIVOROUZ in just a few weeks!  Mark your calendars for November 24th because this shit is goin’ down!

Click to enlarge!

You should be able to get the album via, so we’ll post the link as soon as it’s available!  Be ready to get your wig flipped!

from Faygoluvers


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