The BFG: The 20,000MG Legal THC Gummy

Introducing the BFG, the largest (legal) THC gummy in history — you can go ahead and guess what the initials stand for with that information. Great for sharing or portioning out as desired, this enormous THC gummy is packed with delta 9, delta 8, and other in-demand cannabinoids, to offer you a phenomenally potent product that comes with major bragging rights.

Now, with this unique gummy product, you have to be careful. Because of how potent it is, you can’t eat the whole thing at once — trust us. Still, as always, Binoid has gone out of their way to ensure that customers aren’t on their own when it comes to dosing. This way, no matter your preferred milligram strength, you’ll be fully satisfied. The best part, make sure to check them out and use this special code BFG50 for 50% off your order with fast, free shipping to the entire United States.

The BFG: Get Ready for a Gummy Like No Other

The BFG is Binoid’s latest crowning achievement, having already developed some very memorable hemp products over the years, including their delta 9 gummies that come in much more standard sizes. This gummy is powerful, massive, and fully compliant with the law, since it maintains the legal limit of delta 9 THC by dry weight, which is 0.3%.  In fact, this gummy can be shipped to all 50 states, legally, so that no one has to miss out. 

So, what goes into the largest THC gummy in the world? Let’s find out.

3000-3500mg Delta 9 THC 

This enormous gummy contains a whopping 3000-3500mg delta 9 THC per piece. Now, that sounds insane, until you consider its size. This gummy can be broken up into many small serving sizes so that you can enjoy a manageable amount of delta 9 for your needs with each piece. Or, you can get bold and opt for a higher strength as you so desire, since you’re now in full control of your dosing.

With that being said, we strongly urge caution because while delta 9 is nontoxic, taking too much of it can lead to unwanted side effects like anxiety, dizziness, and major impairment. Please consider your tolerance and dose carefully to avoid any unpleasant symptoms, since the one-piece nature of the gummy makes it all too easy to take too much if you’re not being careful.

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15,000-18,000 Delta 8 THC

In addition to a staggering amount of delta 9 THC, this gummy contains 3 times as much delta 8 THC — yes, you read that right. The 3:1 delta 8 to delta 9 ratio means that this is one psychoactive gummy. The delta 8, as most of you know, offers a milder high than delta 9, and one that’s known for being super relaxing and calming. So, if that’s the type of effect you’re going for, you won’t be disappointed. Delta 8 also promises a powerful body high effect that’s simply out of this world, so anyone with tense muscles or overall discomfort, take note.

20,000mg+ Total Cannabinoids

You’ll also find an amazing additional cannabinoids in this gummy including CBN and CBD, thanks to the hemp extract which retains the full chemical composition of the plant material’s cannabinoids. That means that you’re going to experience the ultra-desirable entourage effect, which allows for maximum effectiveness and a much broader range of cannabinoid-based benefits. Each cannabinoid in the hemp plant brings something desirable to the table in terms of its properties, so you’ll truly be getting your money’s worth.

A Dreamy Delta 9 Gummy Selection of Flavors

You can choose from some pretty tasty flavors, if the cannabinoid content wasn’t enough. Blueberry Delight, Cherry Apple, and Sour Watermelon all offer juicy, satisfying fruit flavor, made without any unnecessary fillers or additives. Binoid is known for the mouthwatering flavors of their gummies in addition to their superb effectiveness.

A Clear Dosing Guide

We know that a gummy this big can be daunting when it comes to dosing.  But, thankfully, Binoid has offered a thorough dosing guide inside the gummy packet, with illustrations to better help you figure out exactly how to portion this out to suit your needs. 

The dosage label takes into account different tolerance levels so that you can find the perfect dosing ritual for you, to avoid taking too much or too little of these beloved intoxicating compounds. We always recommend to take a tiny amount at a time and see how you feel in two hours. This is not the gummy to underestimate. 

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The Ultimate Party Companion

If you want to really impress, then showing up to a party with this gummy will do the trick.  It’s a fantastic way to bring edibles to your friends with a serious “wow” factor.  

This gummy is, simply put, the largest delta 9 THC gummy in history, at least in terms of legal products. That in and of itself is a huge accomplishment, and something that only Binoid would think to come up with.

Top Quality Standards

As always, you can count on some of the highest quality standards industry-wide. Binoid is renowned for their exceptional quality standards, as illustrated through extensive third-party testing, unbelievably high purity levels in their distillates, and use of clean, pure ingredients. The brand’s reviews speak for themselves, and the company is refreshingly transparent about how they make their products, so customers always know exactly what they’re getting.

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Once again, Binoid has been sure to fully comply with federal law, while making sure that the product is also legal in all 50 states. Some companies that make THC gummies don’t comply with each state law, so that means that not everyone can access them.

The BFG Means Big THC Business

Whether it’s for novelty’s sake or to give you a huge serving of delta 9 THC to enjoy over a long period of time, the BFG is a fantastic way to stock up on delicious THC gummy goodness that can be portioned out as needed.  Binoid’s gummies have always been super popular among hemp lovers, but this one has to take the cake for the most impressive to date. Luckily, you can go ahead and try the BFG out for yourself, now that it’s been launched on their website.  Just remember to dose carefully! Make sure to check them out and use this special code BFG50 for 50% off your order with fast, free shipping to the entire United States.

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