Twiztids The Green Book Celebrates 20th Anniversary! [Editorial]

On Tuesday, July 1st, 2003, Twiztid released their magnum opus third  studio album, “The Green Book”! It was widely regarded as an instant classic amongst the underground rap scene. And was/still is particularly favored by many Juggalos. As the cult favorite LP properly showcased the raw and honest sound that Twiztid had become known for in such a short time, from 1997 through 2003.  The influential album reached number 52 on the Billboard 200 and number 2 on Top Independent Albums.
The creation of ‘The Green Book’ was an outward expression of how Twiztid felt about life at that time. With cold lyrics that were brimming with substance and touches of dark comedy, the brainsick content deeply resonated with their fan base who could relate to the struggles they faced in life. Even though quite a few songs addressed difficult topics such as depression and suicidal thoughts, many still found solace knowing that there were others who shared similar experiences.

From the vivid murderously haunting track “Marsh Lagoon” to the nu-metal tinged headbanger “Darkness”, Twiztid pushed the underworld of hip-hop straight into the depths of hell and back, thanks to the demented duo’s leveled up rhyme schemes that blended brilliantly  on top of Fritz the Cat’s influential experimental atmospheric production.  The extra icing amongst the mad freshness that is “The Green Book” are the dope features from the likes of Violent J, Esham, Layzie Bone, E- 40, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, and even Tech N9ne, as their superb bars also helped launch “The Green Book” into the stratosphere of underground rap greatness for decades to come.

During the Fall of 2003 in history class. I was taking notes for an upcoming quiz. When suddenly, a long-time good friend of mine tapped on my shoulder and slid his headphones my way. Twiztd’s “Marsh Lagoon” was playing.  And it was the most sinister piece of music I had ever heard at that point. I was super  intrigued and asked to borrow the album. And listened to it for hours!  And that’s how Twiztid’sThe Green Book’ made me become an underground hip-hop fan for life! The entire album is rife with heavy atmospheric  beats, dark lyrics and hard-hitting production which creates an atmosphere you can easily lose yourself in. I remember feeling like I was the coolest kid on the block for knowing the lyrics to “Hydro”, “Afraid of Me”, and “U Don’t Wanna Be Like Me’. Hiding the album from my parents and peers because I didn’t want them thinking I was some kind of pre serial killer. *Laughs*.  It was a landmark moment in my music life, as it marked a period of exploration and discovery into hip hop music.  Music that wasn’t at all mainstream but still had a powerful story to tell with its lyrics. Twiztid’s ‘The Green Book’ spoke to me then just as much as it does now – particularly because of its raw energy and experimental sound which makes this record so timeless amongst the Juggalo culture and beyond, even after all these years.

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