Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #39: Heat Wave for a Cold Front

I thought being back in LA the past few weeks was going to be more relaxing than it was. Turns out, even at home I’ve got a million things to do. From Litty in the City coming down to LA to Puffco’s 10th Anniversary party, it seemed like everything I had to do the last month had all sorts of adjacent side quests. Between having friends in town, and dinners to attend, I feel like I’ve been out of my house as much as I am when out of town. I’m exhausted.

Or maybe I’m just pissy because LA’s still so damn chilly. I don’t know what’s going on this year but that meme about the weather machine being broken is spot on. I know May Gray, June Gloom, and all that, but I don’t remember what the sun looks like and I’m paying extra rent to be in a building with a pool. Work with me here, climate. 

I digress, this is about heat and I’m being cold. As you’ve come to expect it’s been another month so here’s another collection of the gear I’m stoked is entering my lungs right now. About 60% new names, 40% crazy new flame from the gang, 100% dope. And if you don’t think so, I’m always available for you to yell at. Hit me on twitter @joncappetta and let’s argue.

Deep East’s Calaveras

Courtesy of @SecretSociety2.0_

You’ve been hearing me talk about Deep East’s genetics for years, from RS-11 to Zoap, DEO’s masterpieces have become some of the market’s most sought-after products for awhile now. However, in the past it’s always been under someone else’s cultivation banner. Well friends, that shouldn’t read as a dig to Deep, as he’s been crushing the grow side for years, but his highly exclusive ‘Invite Only’ smoke is actually incredibly hard to get your hands on. I finally got to sit down with the man behind the mask – in the parking lot of the Emerald Cup at 2 o’clock in the morning – and we’ve got a bigger piece coming in the near future on that chat and why he’s so focused on keeping his products exclusive, but for now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t throw one of DEO’s deepest cuts onto the list. I got a bag of Calaveras from the man himself, which is a ZOAP x Y BX2 #24, and I’ve got to say, this is as worthy as any to ever make the CL.

Josh Wax’s Zushi

Courtesy of Josh Wax

Josh Wax is a guy I’ve been hearing about for a long time, and while the actual Josh individual is still a mystery to me, I finally caught up with his flower and I’ve got to say: I see what all the fuss is about. I grabbed a jar of his Zushi and, for a strain that’s been arguably one of the most popular international strains for several years now, his cut truly brings something new to the experience. The nose is more complex than most of the Zushi I’ve seen to date. Less sweet and more almost pine-y, this translates to the flavor perfectly, creating a refined smoke that burns perfectly and hits even stronger than you’d expect.

Fully Melted

Courtesy of Fully Melted

With the exception of the $1000 bucket, these guys are at the center of arguably the most controversial hash drama in the scene right now, and I’ve just got to say: I find this whole thing so silly. I’m not going to get into the specifics of the arguments, but I feel it’s important to say that these guys are sweethearts, and they’re making world-class product, so anyone saying otherwise, or who thinks they’d need to cheat to win an award, clearly hasn’t dabbed their work. They deserve every accolade. Utilizing the best source material the market has to offer, including Alien Labs’ rendition of Zkittlez, which their wash of won the most recent Emerald Cup, it’s pretty hard to argue that these guys aren’t at the highest end of the recreational market.

Sticky Status’ LA Ritz

Courtesy of Sticky Status

A new name for me but apparently not to the game, Sticky Status has a pretty solid portfolio of heaters. From a collection of unique OG’s to some truly potent daytime strains, everything I’ve smoked from this crew so far has come correct with the pressure. That said, in my never-ending quest for things to smoke during the day, I’ve got to tell you all about LA Ritz. This pungent floral offering is one you’ll certainly feel the impact of – a common issue with ‘sativa’ cuts – but one that won’t slow you down on your pursuit to world domination. The owner calls this his ‘Billionaire smoke’, because this is the one all his high-class clientele ask for, and I can see why. It’s got a both creative and silly high that makes even the most mundane tasks enjoyable, yet doesn’t make anything seem overly difficult either. The kind of smoke where when you face resistance in your day you’ll respond with ‘no big deal’ rather than freaking out. A powerful tool for us all!

SF Canna Vs. Terp Hogz Competition Bags

Courtesy of Official VS Bags

At the end of last month the crew from SF Canna and the Terp Hogz got together to bring their hypebeast sesh, Litty in the City, down to Los Angeles for the first time. While the event was a massive success and one of the most true-to-the-name events I’ve been to in recent years, I have GOT to call out their new split competition bags, as they’re taking the game to the next level. With a split mylar filled with a different eighth on each side of the bag, SF Canna & Terp Hogz asked consumers to choose their favorite out of the cult-classic Zkittlez from the Hogz, and SF Canna’s Cherry Guava. Now while I’m not going to get into the specifics of which one I liked better, I do want to call out that this format is amazing, and I’m hoping to see a wider adoption of these split bags in the future. This is a great way to have mini competitions on the retail market, but also a great way for brands to work together and cross-pollinate. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

The Water Boyz

Courtesy of The Water Boyz

These guys have been around the hash community for a minute now, and while the product I’ve seen from them deserves a mention on its own, what’s really got me stoked right now are the creative efforts the Boyz are putting out. Releasing a 20 minute Star Wars flip Terp Warz, featuring Bobby Trill as TrilSolo, and utilizing all sorts of cultural references to illustrate a long, long time ago / in the future look at the quest for genetics, the flip does a great job playing on the fight for good and evil that surrounds it. Even further, dude’s put out a whole album – and it’s surprisingly good considering it’s all weed themed. A LOT of people try to make culturally relevant content that falls on its face, but somehow the Water Boyz are really working right now.

Doja Pak’s GP Pheno Box

Courtesy of @iamstoneymontanaa

Although he’s a frequent flyer on this list, Doja’s latest drop hits on so many points for me that I couldn’t not include the Pak once again. Featuring 3 different versions of the strain he’s been working on (and telling me about) for years, each of the Giraffe Puzzy phenos are immaculate in their own right and seeing them together really illustrates just how difficult the pheno-hunting process can be. With a BX1, an F2, and the original #1 selection, each of these expressions of true green weed are perfect daytime smokes. While the #1’s a bit deeper and less sweet than the others, the F2 provides a more pine-y output, with the BX1 presenting some gas you don’t get from the others. While many consumers might not know the difference bag to bag, this is another great example of consumer education also working as a great drop.

LA Fav’s Pink

Courtesy LA Fav

I’ve been digging deeper into LA Fav lately and while I’m still geeking about their prerolled blunts, and the Yuzu, turns out there’s even more going on over there. First there’s Sirs & Lords, a clothing line the brand’s also got an interest in, which is honestly the first new brand that’s got me stoked in awhile, and then there’s the Pink. The Pink is one of my favorite new smokes in recent memory. It’s got a sweet gas that the market’s sure to love, but there’s a complexity to the flavor that you don’t see in most of these hype jars. But most importantly, while smoking for flavor is fun, we’re here for effects, and this one took me out. This is my new *after a long day* smoke. Y’all know I’m wired pretty tight sometimes, and the Pink has become my ultimate relaxer. Also Sirs & Lords has a shirt that says ‘Tired. Busy. Broke.’ and wearing that while smoking my relaxer tickles me in a special type of way.

White Ashes

Courtesy of @slofire805

Hailing from Sacramento, I’ve had my eye on White Ashes for awhile now. This dude clearly knows good weed, and I see him pop up in all the right places, so imagine my excitement to find out all the products he’s pushing actually deserve the designation he’s chosen. It’s really burning perfect. I’m not a massive OG guy – I know, sacrilege – but his ‘97 cut is one of my favorites lately. It’s clear this is a special plant. (Just because OG’s not a go-to doesn’t mean I don’t need the function!) I’ve gotten dumb faded off this one – like forget what you’re talking about while you’re talking about it kinda high.


Courtesy of Panacea

I talk a lot about the coming value conversation, and how as the market matures people will better understand what actual good quality cannabis is, and what’s the most value they can get for their money. There are some brands who have made their place just being ‘cheap’ options, but then there are brands that just focus on selling great weed at fair prices. Those are the guys I believe in, and that’s why I believe Panacea’s going to make it. With weed that could stand next to 90% of the recreational market’s top shelf but running at least $15/eighth cheaper, Panacea is offering real value to a community that’s used to getting taken advantage of, and that’s worth celebrating.

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