Calm in Your Cup

CBD has taken a permanent position as a mainstream ingredient and wellness tool over the past few years, and business owners are continuing to find new and innovative ways to add CBD to unique new products, such as coffee.

Other than water, coffee is one of the most consumed beverages across the country. According to a recent survey published by Statista earlier this year, 57% of Americans drink coffee regularly, and 51% of coffee drinkers say that drinking coffee is “pure pleasure.”

For Lindsey Sozio, founder of Lavender Coffee Boutique, CBD-infused coffee is a great way for consumers to add CBD to their daily routine. Sozio took a moment to talk to High Times about her CBD-infused coffee and wellness brand, and a brick-and-mortar store that is set to open in Denver, Colorado later this year.

“If you’re a coffee drinker, you’re just gonna drink your coffee and you just have a new ingredient in it,” Sozio said about Lavender Coffee Boutique’s line of coffee. “It’s not like taking a gummy or something that you have to remember to do.”

The idea came to Sozio nearly two years ago, but recently came to fruition with the launch of her brand. She and her husband have experimented with CBD-infused coffee and found that it offers unique effects that many people could benefit from.

“I like the results of it. I just always thought since I started drinking it that, you know, I felt this calm focus, and I’m very productive on the days that I have CBD coffee. I’m like ready to go,” Sozio explained.

Another interesting benefit Sozio noticed is that she was sleeping better too.

“But then the other thing is I also sleep really well, which is funny,” she noted. “Feels kind of counterintuitive, right?”

But she added that other people who have tried Lavender Coffee Boutique’s infused coffee have shared similar experiences too, such as increased focus and calm, a lack of jitters, and a boost in productivity.

Courtesy Lavender Coffee Boutique

Currently Lavender Coffee Boutique offers a CBD-infused medium roast and dark roast made from a Peruvian Costa Rican blend (they also offer a non-CBD infused medium roast as well). Additionally, the brand offers a CBD-infused decaf coffee made from Colombian coffee beans.

All of the brand’s coffee beans are roasted in Denver and infused with broad spectrum American hemp oil.

“It goes through this special process where it’s actually infused into the bean at the optimal time after it’s done roasting,” Sozio explained. “So you’re not just like splashing oil over the beans. It’s actually infused. And so it’s done in a way where it’s heated a little bit and the bean absorbs the oil into it.”

Although Lavender Coffee Boutique is rooted in its coffee offerings, it also caters to other CBD products and general wellness. On its website, the brand features a curated selection of CBD products such as CBD-infused teas from Hello Goldie and Press Pause, CBD gummies from Highline Wellness, Wyld, and Rose Los Angeles, and CBD body care products from Lord Jones, Saint Jane, Prima, and more. 

“So we spent a lot of time looking over and studying various brands and trying out a lot of products. And we came to the conclusion that people would like to use CBD across the broad categories, right?” Sozio said. “We have wellness, fitness, skincare, body care. Sleep is another one. And so what we wanted to do is create a place where they get everything in one place.”

She emphasized that while it’s common to find some CBD products at retailers like Sephora or Neiman Marcus, you can’t find gummies, coffee or other CBD products all in one place. Lavender Coffee Boutique aims to be the go-to place that can offer the best of the best product selection.

Courtesy Lavender Coffee Boutique

Later this year, Lavender Coffee Boutique plans to open a retail storefront in Denver that’s not just a CBD shop, but also an elevated social and relaxing hangout for coffee drinkers as well.

“The goal of the store is to create an environment where people can come in who are curious about CBD, or they just want a really good cup of coffee,” Sozio said. “So if you’re curious about CBD, and you want to come in, and it’s a high end luxurious space that you actually want to spend time in.”

Having a comfortable space to explore CBD products is useful for those who are curious about it and want to learn more.

“We’re also trying to focus on educating our consumers. Because I know people have a lot of questions about the product and like, ‘what’s it going to do? And how am I going to feel?’” Sozio said. “And while we’re never going to make claims about anything, we would like to have an opportunity where the people who work there and are working for us can kind of help guide people who are curious as to like, ‘Well, where’s a good place to start? What should I try? What are the benefits of these different various products that you carry?’”

Lavender Coffee Boutique’s store is slated to open later in 2023, but you can check out the brand’s coffee and CBD products on the website now.

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