June 18th Aisle 5 Atlanta, GA Violent J, Esham, & Ouija Macc, “3 Headed Monster” Tour Date Cancelled!

Due to a scheduling error. The Sunday, June 18th, Atlanta, Georgia, Aisle 5 venue date for Violent J, Esham, and Ouija Macc’s “3 Headed Monster” tour date has been cancelled. Aisle 5 is already refunding tickets. And there will be no June 16th Atlanta, Georgia “3 Head Monster” date either because Aisle 5 is putting on a different event that day entitled the “ATL TayTay Party”.

And so there is no confusion. The Sunday, June 18th date for the “3 Headed Monster” tour via Louisville, Kentucky at the Headliners Music Hall is still going down! Scoop up your own tickets for the “3 Headed Monster” tour through the official Psychopathic Records website here: https://www.psychopathicrecords.com/tours




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