The Time is Now: Taking Advantage of Current LED Rebates

For cultivators, reducing energy consumption has become an economic necessity as much as an environmental need. Energy costs continue to increase, and expanding competition, cost compression and shrinking margins are hammering businesses. Any and every advantage an operator can find to save money, increase productivity and grow stronger plants while reducing energy use must be considered. Fortunately, technological advancements in lighting provide a relatively fast and efficient way to meet many of these urgent goals.

Many cultivators are keenly aware of their energy use and the need to modernize their facilities. But the initial investment costs required to make the transition, as well as a lack of familiarity with the technology can feel overwhelming. However, with proper planning, businesses that can absorb the upfront costs are quickly rewarded with rebates provided by the state, which can cover most or even all of the equipment costs. Once the lighting is installed, the long-term savings and productivity benefits quickly kick in, making the initial investment a distant memory. Unlike in years past, there are more financing options available to cannabis businesses, some of which are even available directly through the lighting manufacturer. For example, Spectrum King LED offers financing through its preferred vendor relationship with Sweet Leaf Madison Capital. In addition, Spectrum King LED will help cultivators with rebate applications and processes where applicable. 

Currently, 80% of cannabis from U.S. legal markets is cultivated indoors using sophisticated lighting and environmental controls designed to maximize the plant’s yield. These systems can consume up to 2,000 watts of electricity per square meter, about 40 times the energy needed to grow leafy greens like lettuce indoors. There is no question that this current level of energy consumption is unsustainable. As evidence, look at California’s recent announcement that the state is offering cultivators rebates of 100% or more when they switch to energy-efficient LEDs. The rebates are part of an emergency measure called the Market Access Program, which was signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom to reduce stress on California’s electrical grid statewide. According to state officials, a reduction in energy consumption is needed to contain rolling blackouts that can potentially cripple the state’s economy. This urgent request for “grid relief” is a glimpse into an uncertain future if cannabis industry practices do not change.

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Today, the pace of LED lighting innovation is driving the modernization of cannabis cultivation, addressing the urgent energy reduction needs while refining the growing process to enable more control and better outcomes. As beneficial and important as upgrading and modernizing lighting may be, perceived barriers still keep some cannabis cultivators from making the transition. But there may never be a better time to upgrade. The combination of rebate incentives, available financing and competitive pressures make modernizing a no brainer. 

It makes sense to invest in quality fixtures that have been designed to provide the highest output without busting the bank. Spectrum King prides itself on providing the absolute best value in LED lighting, with industry-leading output and quality at prices that will help you grow big. For example, SK’s Phoenix 1050W linear LED has been made with the highest-quality diodes on the market, and operates with an industry-leading PPE rating of 2.8. It also provides up to double the photon output per dollar compared to its competitors. Most states today offer financial incentives in terms of rebates for transitioning away from higher energy use technologies – and Spectrum King LED can help you through the entire rebate application process.

The Phoenix line is a testament to just that. Backed by a team of expert engineers, Spectrum King LED has built a light that is nearly perfect – thanks in large part to the quality of each component that goes into every fixture:

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A growing, healthy and responsible cannabis industry must make energy reduction a top priority if businesses are to thrive. There is no question that continued overconsumption of energy by cultivators must become a thing of the past. Businesses in state after state will eventually need to make these necessary changes or face extinction from forward-looking competitors. The good news: Spectrum King LED has made upgrading your lighting as easy as possible because with a track record of zero defects and zero returns, it is pretty obvious where you should put your trust. Visit to see for yourself why Spectrum King LED is the best choice in LED lighting solutions. 

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