Bobby Shmurda: Sneaker Store Smokeout

Let’s set the scene. It’s Brooklyn in 2014 and here comes Bobby Shmurda and GS9 with a song called “Hot N——“ that the streets are going absolutely bonkers over, no matter what corner you turn. It seemed like only moments later there was Beyoncé on stage hitting the Shmoney dance. 

The music video was an accurate portrayal of NYC youth and a glimpse of what it was like when Bobby’s block was in full-on party mode. It didn’t take an intellectual to realize that GS9 was the definition of being outside. 

Meanwhile, as a hip hop purist, I was all the way inside. In spite of that, I was wondering where I heard this beat before. Curiosity killed the cat, and so I did my googling and discovered that sure enough it was from “Jackpot” by Lloyd Banks—a mixtape track Banks wasn’t ever banking on being a hit. In the case of Bobby, his version had him laughing all the way to the bank. Since his return from being on the inside, lately I’ve been seeing him outside more than ever! He’s constantly pulling up to spots promoting his various projects and brands, on top of his regular musical performances nationwide. 

Recently, I was over at an infused-only consumption lounge called Kakes in Long Island City that features a state-of-the-art Japanese air filtration system which I found to be quite pleasant. Their infused treats and drinks are out of this world, and while I was there I had the privilege of sampling The Shmurda Shmores Kookie Sandwich: a unique dessert collaboration they did with Bobby Shmurda and his Hoochie Daddy brand. It’s a scrumptious cookie sandwich, loaded with marshmallow, buttercream, graham cracker dust and chocolate drizzle, between two chocolate chip cookies with a toasted marshmallow center and frosting that spells out “Shmurda.” This is one of their signature infused treats that even had a special launch event to make a big splash.

When it comes to cannabis, Bobby has a vision for his role in the industry, and is taking it very seriously. He recently inked a deal with a legal dispensary in Cali called Bonafide. This power move is ensuring Bobby’s product will be premium level, plus compliant. That type of stuff intrigues me, so I wanted to link with Shmurda and learn more. One night, when I was doing my usual stoned Instagram scroll, I saw an ad for a meet-and-greet appearance at a sneaker boutique located in my hometown of Staten Island, NY called Sneaker Zoo

With that in mind, I knew I could barely leave my home (that is a mostly forgotten land with exceptional pizza and bagels) and still make my way over to the event at ease. 

With Operation Meet Bobby Shmurda in Staten Island fully in motion, I assembled a crew of homies to come through with me and eat some amazing local pizza and pay homage to Wu-Tang Clan via Kingdom of Kush in the Port Richmond section of the island. Kingdom Of Kush is owned in part by none other than Ghostface Killah, and is the home of his brand Killah Cannabis. I grabbed Bobby a couple of Ghost’s signature strains to try out. I’ve previously enjoyed the Runtz and Skyclub—they both smoke tremendously and are grown by Highland Labs in Perris, California. I also ended up linking with the team from 167 Exotics, with an exceptional roller named Real Bud Man in the squad. They brought some of their powerful hitters, including my personal favorites, RS-11 and Lemon Cherry Gelato by John Doe Supply Co as well as some fire Left lane by Chief Tokah

After getting thoroughly medicated, we pulled up to Sneaker Zoo, and to my high delight, the Food Boss was there serving up some of his extremely terpy plates of penne with vodka sauce. This was, to me, peak Staten Island-ness.  

Photo Courtesy of Scott Media Films
Photo Courtesy of Scott Media Films

Moreover, I brought the homie and big time plug Staten Island Mex a tiramisu that I promised him so that I could skip the line into the Sneaker Zoo and proceed to smoke out a retail establishment. As I entered, I was hit with an energetic contagious wave of positive energy that is Bobby Shmurda. His charisma and cannabis knowledge immediately struck a chord with me to the point of us having a pretty cool conversation as soon as some fire weed was lit up into the air. Before we got too high I squeaked out a few burning questions: 

Photo Courtesy of Scott Media Films

Do you remember the first time you ever smoked weed? 

Yeah, I was 10 years old. I used to live on the fourth floor. I was coming up the stairs, and I found my brothers and them on the roof. So I came up there and was like “What the fuck are y’all doing without me?!” They was like, “Nah get outta here,” and I was like, “Fuck all that, pass that shit.” Once they passed it, I knew it was on and poppin’!

And you’ve been smoking everyday since then? 

Every single day. I’ve been smoking in jail, outta jail, in the courtroom, in the strip club, on private jets, on yachts, in the car, everywhere!

It wasn’t hard to get weed in jail? 

They be having fire weed in jail. That shit will get you right. 

Was there a strain you remember getting your hands on while locked up? 

I got some white widow in the spot, it was lit up!

Photo Courtesy of Scott Media Films

How does it feel to now be involved with the legal cannabis industry?

I’m seeing back-end, I’m seeing everything, it’s crazy! I love being at the factory and seeing everything made from the ground up.

What can you tell us about the strains you are currently producing?

It’s no lemon cherry. I want to create something that is sweet but with a crazy spike. A smoke with a heavy punch.

Photo Courtesy of Scott Media Films

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