TRILMOB Y Los Bad Hombres “Blessed” [Official Live Video]

Official Trilmob y Los Bad Hombres Press Release:

“Trilmob y Los Bad Hombres; based out of Aurora, IL is an intense, hard hitting “Thug Metal” band. A culmination of Midwest chopper style rap with face melting riffs and teeth shattering drums from the dark side of metal. Frontmen Don Trilo and Mic Gemini deliver unparalleled flows with their interweaving chemistry; while the band send you in you an absolute head bangers abyss. The writing process for “Blessed” was a vibe. A lot of weed smoke and BBQ in the air. The song was originally recorded with guitar samples from Desperado and with the crew being all Mexican we def wanted to keep that tone. The lyrics stem from a life of being Blessed in many aspects; including a very tight knit, supportive, and talented family. It’s a direct product of many years of performing and recording side by side. (TrilMob). This chemistry, along with the bands energy bring this song to life.”

Director, DP, and Editor Nat Jones – I AM NAT JONES PRODUCTIONS-

from Faygoluvers


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