Lyte Survives Brutal Car Accident!

Just moments ago, received word that the Monstar ENT. emcee Lyte was in a very serious car accident today. Thankfully, Lyte survived and is currently in the hospital recovering/healing. We don’t know the exact full details. But we do know that it wasn’t Lyte’s fault, because somebody rear ended him going 90+ MPH, he rolled, got hit a second time, and his vehicle rolled again. All the staff at want to wish Lyte a speedy, healthy recovery. And we ask for everyone to please be respectful towards him and his family/friends during Lyte’s current time of need.
“I swear to god I have a Guardian angel
Today I got in a Very serious accident. Driving by myself an
Got rear ended by another Vehicle doing 90+ mph
And sent me airborne rolling my jeep 4/5 times and got hit a 2nd time
An Sent me rolling even more
I got rushed to hospital
Everyone involved is okay
For most part
I’m banged up with some Bruises ,scratches ,cuts, sprains etc
They’re saying I’m lucky even to be alive let alone here typing this
I love you all. I’m alright
I’ll keep ya updated an get back with everyone
When I’m home an settled In
They can’t stop the Monstar
Hopefully I recover in a

from Faygoluvers


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