“Twiztid: A Decade of Darkness – A Decade of Insanity Unveiled in this Must-Read Book”


It’s finally here! After what has felt like an eternity, Asylum Publications’ book, Twiztid, A Decade of Darkness, is available now for pre-order at www.asylumpublications.com/store.

The book is a celebration of the past decade as part of the Hardcore/Horrorcore hip-hop duo Twiztid, made up of Jamie Madrox and Monoxide. Over the past six years, the duo has toured the nation, providing Juggalos with the ultimate in darkness supreme. Now, a 96-page full-color photo book commemorates their journey.

Twiztid, A Decade of Darkness provides a never-before-seen peek into this dynamic duo’s lives and live performances. Jam-packed with photos captured by veteran concert photographer J.A. Dunbar, this book takes you behind the scenes of this iconic hip-hop pair’s greatest show moments. Get ready to experience the preshows, backstage, and every showy stop between A and B with this unique collection of pictures paired with poignant words from the two rappers.

If you’re ready to delve into the madness of their ten years on the road, don’t wait – order Twiztid, A Decade of Darkness, before it’s too late! Preorder your copy today at www.asylumpublications.com/store, and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the sinister world of Twiztid. Ships around January 25th – Get yours now!

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