Ruthless Rob – “Maggot Mouth” [Official Music Video]

Legend Has It That Ever Since The Dark Ages There Remains A Wretched Lost Soul Wandering The Underworld Of Earths Shadows Aimlessly Searching For A Host , For This Particular Grotesque Spirit Is Very Picky In It’s Choosing , It Seeks Out The Most Foul Hate Filled Individuals It Can Possibly Find , It Then Latches On To It’s Victim Causing Them To Speak In Such An Unimaginable Tongue , Spewing Nothing But Vile And Heinous Poetry , Inflicting A Devastating Path Of Deadly Destruction In It’s Wake Until Leaving It’s Servant Nothing More Than A Lifeless Shell , Throughout History It Has Only Selected A Chosen Few , It’s Latest Victim ??? A Poor Unexpected Bastard By The Name Of RUTHLESS ROB !!! He Now Possesses This Hideous Curse , He Now Holds The Keys Of Unrighteousness , For His Gospel Will Exploit The Innocent And Corrupt The Minds Of All Who Dare Listen To His Forbidden Words , This Atrocious Monster Of A Myth Continues To Fester In A Boiling Pot Of Madness Til’ This Very Day , This Grim Wicked Entity Shall And Forever Remain Eternal , Of Course I’m Speaking Of The One And Only Repulsive Energy Simply Known As MAGGOT MOUTH !!!
New Album Featuring …
Isolated Beingz
Big Hoodoo
DJ Clay
Project Born
Shaggy The Airhead
Doc Gruesome
Grim Smilezz
Raven Hunter
N8 Money
Sin Garden
Bleezy Poe
Lil Suss
Including Randomly Inserted Shameless , Shitty , Shocking , Exclusive , Explosive , Elusive , Repulsive Interludes With …
Insane Clown Posse
Ouija Macc
Officer Harry Cox
Cactus Sac

Video Edited By : BrainDead Productions YGM
Video Filmed By : Young Ruthless

from Faygoluvers


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