REVIEW: Scythe Gang 666 ‘Vol. 1 [mini-album]’

Scythe Gang 666 Current Line-up


Guitar: Maezi

Bass: King Zabb

After over two years of recording (forming in the middle of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic) an abundant amount of singles together. Scythe Gang 666 (pronounced “scythe gang triple six”) have accomplished sharing the Nightmare Stage with Onxy and Mushroomhead at the Gathering of Dreams in Legend Valley, Ohio, rocked two sets during Insane Clown Posse’s sold out Detroit “Bloody Sunday” concerts, etc,  Even upon dealing with  a last minuet frontman change, the band shows no signs of ever slowing down. And now the Seattle, Washington trap metal misfits  have finally released their six track debut EP ‘Vol. 1 [mini-album]’! Northwest Emcee CRIMEWAVE as the current frontman of Scythe Gang 666 makes complete total sense within the EP. As the rappers trap style rhyme schemes infectiously blends greatly with the experimental electronica tinged production produced by their very own lead guitarist Maezi.

Vol.1 is a flavorful roller-coaster of metallic infused hip-hop mayhem that is bound to keep your head bobbing towards the multi-genre hybrid music all through out the EP, as the release could very well serve as the official soundtrack for an all weekend musical bonfire rager with the goths, gangsters, and metal heads alike. With the recent release of Scythe Gang’s ‘Vol 1. [min-album]’ EP, the trap-metal trio have properly showcased that their rapidly growing strongly as a new band and will continue to melt minds in the near future with their wild antics. Above all, we here at cannot wait for a real full length LP from Scythe Gang 666! As ‘Vo1 1. {mini-album]’ has the entire staff craving for more material from Scythe Gang due to the EP’s “stuck inside your brain” for hours” compelling velocity. Hopefully soon! favorite tracks from ‘Vol. 1 [mini-album]’
“666 Feet”, “S.O.M.E.”, & “Deathwish”

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