Muha Meds Dials In With the NFT Community

After Muha Meds‘ most recent launch in the California cannabis vape market, they have yet to stomp the breaks and have now collaborated with Bored Ape #8532 to debut their “Bored & Stoned” product launch and emulate the brand through the NFT community and culture. 

Muha Meds is available in a chain of retail stores in California and Michigan and continues to grow its footprint in the licensed market. Following its release of all new formulated product lines on 4/20, featuring single source flash frozen sauce and liquid diamonds incorporated in their “Diamond Reserve” and “Exotic Reserve” line, the company continues to innovate and provide the best “full spectrum” cannabis experience to the consumer past a regular cannabis vape. Company leaders have steered from the stereotypical high THC potency agenda and strive to provide the most full spectrum raw cannabis experience available backed behind extensive R&D and terpene case studies. With over 30 skus featured on their most recent drop, some of the company’s most trending strains are Goji OG, Razz Tazz, and Diamond Peaches.

Courtesy of Muha Meds

The company’s most recent product venture named the “Muha Mavricks” just launched, and features a half gram miniscule rechargeable disposable filled with single source flash frozen cold cured rosin. As craft cannabis and solventless extracts slowly become the most desired products, Muha Meds wanted to make sure they give this launch the limelight it deserves.

“We wanted to introduce the new era of solventless extracts the right way with this new launch, so we collaborated with BAYC to debut the new Muha Mavricks product line” said Muhammad Garawi, Founder and Chief of Sales of the company. “We are going to give you guys the most luxurious compact true to strain solventless half gram disposable in the market… at the best price!”

Muha Meds is getting dialed in with the NFT community and culture by choosing one of the most rare and sought after NFT collections to partner up with Bored Ape Yacht Club. The all-new “Muha Ape” is featured on several new skus. The Bored & Stoned collection can be purchased in multiple stores.

Courtesy of Muha Meds

Muha Meds is also verified on Weedmaps and Leaflink. To get the most recent updates on Muha Meds and their next moves check out their website and follow them on Instagram @muhameds_live!

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