The Mighty+ from Storz & Bickel is My New Best Friend on Road Trips

A lot can happen in twenty years and the team of evil geniuses over at Storz & Bickel made a handheld dry herb vaporizer that works way better than any other similar product I’ve tried.

The Mighty+ is a black device about the size of a small tablet or large smartphone. There’s a very fun little screen on the bottom that displays the target temperature of the vaporization chamber, the actual temperature and how much battery life is remaining. It’s a bit heavy for its size and looks like it could easily survive light to moderate artillery fire, not that it would need to (but on the off chance our armed forces can ever smoke weed in battle someone needs to get Storz & Bickel on the phone with the Department of Defense). 

It’s a very easy device to use overall, though it did take me a minute to figure out how to properly open it. It twists open from the top and there’s a little compartment for the ground flower to be placed, very similar to a bowl in a pipe actually. Then you twist the top back on and hit the power button. You use the arrows to choose your temperature and that’s literally all you have to do. It buzzes to let you know it’s at the right temperature and you are free to begin smoking. It seems to make more efficient use of a smaller amount of flower compared to traditional methods like a bong or a pipe. One bowl got me anywhere from 5-15 decent sized hits over the course of about five minutes.

Courtesy of Storz & Bickel

I usually do not care for vaping flower. I prefer hash rosin to the face at all hours of the day or night. However, I truly enjoyed using this little device and it actually managed to get damn near the same taste quality as the more expensive Volcano Hybrid. Some hits I would argue actually tasted better, but at a certain point it’s almost not worth thinking about. Either way the taste was superb and incredibly smooth.

One thing I particularly appreciate about the Mighty+ is that it’s so simple and easy to use. I don’t even have to think about it, which is not always what I’m looking for but when I’m out and about it’s a must have. I hate lugging my dab rig, torch, carb cap and Q tips with me everywhere I go, so I often experience the outside world unmedicated and that simply will not do. But with this, all you need is the device itself and your flower. I appreciate simplicity especially on road trips because my biggest pet peeve is clutter in a car while I’m on a long drive. 

Courtesy of Storz & Bickel

Honestly, my one sole issue with it is for how big the thing is, I thought it would have a bit better battery life especially with a $399 price tag. It’ll definitely last through the day but if you’re really getting after it you’ll kill the battery before too long. That’s super subjective and for most average smokers it’ll last a few days without needing to be charged, but for the heads reading this just know you’ll want to keep a charger nearby if you plan to stay roasted in the long term. It also does not comfortably fit in my pants pockets but that is rarely a metric I judge anything by because keeping anything other than a lighter and a knife in my pocket feels unnatural, but to some people that’s a dealbreaker so it seemed noteworthy. 

Those are my only two complaints, if you’d even call them that, because I cannot name a dry herb vaporizer made by a different company that is anywhere near comparable to the Mighty+ battery life or otherwise. Like I said before, I’m not a fan of vaping flower and that’s primarily because of the taste. I never liked that good weed tasted the same as bad weed in any of the other mods I tried. 

Courtesy of Storz & Bickel

However, I tried a top shelf eighth and a bottom shelf eighth in the Mighty+ and both actually tasted excellent, but the better weed tasted significantly better. I like that because as a consumer if I spend 30 dollars more on my weed, that should be reflected in the quality of vapor smoke and I’ve only ever experienced that with Storz & Bickel products. I also think it’s cool that someone found a way to make mids taste a bit better because God knows we have enough of them lying around.

A huge bonus of this device for me is that it looks super discreet. I know stoners love smoking in the car but that shit makes me paranoid! Not only does smoke pour out the car window for every cop in the world to see but even after we’re done I will sit there for two hours worrying about getting pulled over because I know the car still smells. The Mighty+ looks like a regular nicotine vape mod or something similar and the vapor it produces is nowhere near enough to attract anyone’s attention. The vapor also doesn’t smell, which is obviously a huge benefit of vaping in general but I never used them in the car before because they never got me high enough. This thing actually makes you feel like you smoked a decent sized bowl without the added stress of people (or the police) knowing you’re roasted. My road trips have now been upgraded significantly because I can actually relax and enjoy my high instead of spending 200 miles at full clench.

Courtesy of Storz & Bickel

The Mighty+ really allows you to medicate anywhere which is the coolest part to me. Personally, I took it out with me on my daily run with my dog where I skateboard alongside her so she can run like a maniac. I live in a community full of Bible thumpers who all hate weed and not one person gave me a sour look for holding this thing in my hand, and I hit it the whole time. No one could see smoke because any vapor produced was gone in seconds. Hell, even holding it up to my mouth it could almost look like I’m drinking out of a canteen. You have to appreciate something that allows you to get high right in front of people without them having any feasible idea and while that may not be what Storz & Bickel had in mind when they made the Mighty+, it’s certainly a handy tool to keep around.

As far as the price tag goes I’d say this thing is absolutely worth the $399 it costs. I haven’t found a portable vaporizer anywhere near as effective and most of them cost about that much anyway so if dry herb vaporization on-the-go is what you’re after, may I humbly recommend the Mighty+ for your next mobile adventure. 

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