Shy One’s Horrorcore Hip-Hop Classic “Emotionz Detached” Celebrates 20 Years! *Mini Editorial*

On Tuesday, December 24th, 2002, the underground wasn’t prepared for the personal terror Corpus Christi, Texas emcee Shy One (formerly DJ Shy 1 and now known as xshy361x) was ready to hellishly bring forth to the independent masses! As the Winter 2002 horrorcore hip-hop masterpiece “Emotionz Detached” was born to evoke fear inside the minds of thousands who were down with the Memphis, Tennesse devil style of rap of early Three 6 Mafia, the Midwest devil-style rap of Evil Pimp, and gut-wrenching psychological horror movies. With the Grim Reaper musically emerging from your stereo speakers through pure darkness tracks such as “Emotionz Detached” (title track),”Tearing Guilty Skin”,Faces So Pale” (Ft. BADMiND & Sinister X), “Underworld Confusion”, “In My Blood Pt. 2” (Ft. Dosia Demon & Keepa), etc the wicked underground was forever changed!

Simply put. Shy One proved to the die-hard supporters of the wicked underground that horrorcore rap doesn’t need to be a slasher track to scare you to death. Instead, it can scare you to death by channeling inner nightmarish pain through chopper-style flows on top of sinister eerie production made to bump at your local mortuary. Is xshy361x planning on re-releasing his self-produced classic “Emotionz Detached” for the people who missed out twenty years ago? Only time will tell. But we know for sure he’ll continue to spread terror inside the anticipated supergroup project WARLOQ with Boondox the Scarecrow and Kung Fu Vampire. Nuff said! 

from Faygoluvers


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