Herbies Seeds Launches Five New Killer Strains

Christmas is still on the horizon, but Herbies Seeds already has truckloads of candies to keep your inner child occupied. What’s more, the Spain-based cannabis seed bank has expanded its in-house line of strains by adding some top-tier genetics that have stood the test of time.

The five newly-released strains are Critical XXL, Critical XXL Auto, Northern Lights, Northern Lights Auto, and Sour Diesel Auto. These plants are bound to be a hit among growers. The THC content in this range reaches up to a staggering 27%, and some strains can break the scales with their bountiful yields. If you want to know what’s in there, read on and find out!

Critical XXL: Potency Champ

Courtesy of Herbies Seeds

A classic variety now also bred by Herbies Seeds, Critical XXL is an established prizewinner. This herb is most famous for its extremely strong high that has won over the hearts and blown the minds of countless cannabis lovers. The mind-blowing part is no idle boast: with THC that goes all the way to 27%, Critical XXL is the most potent entry in this line-up.

The effects hit more on the Indica side of the spectrum, leaving you deeply relaxed with a numbing body buzz, but they also produce a euphoric uplift like many hybrid strains. Critical XXL sports a strong lemon aroma with spicy notes, and works great as a nighttime strain. It can be especially helpful for those dealing with chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, and multiple sclerosis.

This hard-hitting weed is easy to manage and can be planted both indoors and outdoors. If you give it proper care, it will reward you with resin-packed frost-covered buds in just 50-55 days after being switched to 12/12. The yields will make your eyes pop as they reach up to 1600 g per plant outdoors and 600 g/m² indoors.

Critical XXL Auto: Heavy Yields, Minimum Effort

Just like its photoperiod sister plant, Critical XXL Auto produces abundant crops flanked by citrusy and spicy aromas with a slight earthiness in the background. With the iconic Skunk #1 and Afghani genetics in its lineage, this mostly Indica variety produces bold, long-lasting effects, leaving users deeply relaxed and happy all at once.

In terms of potency, Critical XXL Auto comes packed with 17 to 23% THC, which is a little lower compared with the original strain but is still one of the best results for modern-day autos. It takes her a moderate 70-80 days from germination to reach full maturity.

These autoflowering seeds are ideal for those looking for a hassle-free growing experience. Critical XXL Auto plants are hardy and do well both indoors and outdoors, producing dense, thick buds with a sticky, frosty coating. The yields are also quite impressive for an autoflower, clocking in at 800-900 g/plant outdoors and 400-500 g/m² indoors under optimal conditions.

Northern Lights: A Fast-Flowering Legend

Courtesy of Herbies Seeds

Northern Lights by Herbies Seeds is a modern take on the famed Indica genetics that has given the world too many strains to mention. A descendant of Afghani and Thai landrace strains, NL induces strong sedative effects coupled with a carefree euphoria. Whatever has been bothering you until that first puff will melt right away.

After just 40-50 days of flowering, this girl will reward you with resinous buds that pack up to 23% THC and sport a pungent flavor profile with a smack of sweet and fruit. One of the reasons Northern Lights has remained popular among Indica fans after all these years is the smoke that makes the nose tingle a bit on the exhale.

Due to its Indica roots, Northern Lights is one of the easiest strains to grow. The plants are incredibly resilient and resistant to harsh climates, making these seeds a great choice for beginner growers. They are best grown indoors, where yields range from 400 to 500 g/m². However, the harvest can be just as impressive in outdoor gardens, reaching 1200-1300 g/plant.

Northern Lights Auto: Beginner’s Delight

Herbies Seeds couldn’t help but create an autoflowering version of the strain that changed the face of the global cannabis culture, all to make an ideal plant for growers who are just starting out. Northern Lights Auto, created by crossing the original strain with a Ruderalis, is exceptionally tough and highly adaptable to all growing environments.

This plant is one for those who enjoy a good couch lock. With up to 23% THC and sedating Indica effects, it’s a good companion for battling insomnia. It will also help if you’re having trouble with your appetite or are suffering from chronic pain, stress, or anxiety.

Northern Lights Auto can be planted in indoor and outdoor gardens, but it’s indoors where it does its best, yielding around 550-650 g/m² of hard and intensely flavored buds that give off a sweet, fruity smell with piney notes. The flowering time is relatively short – around 60-70 days in total.

Sour Diesel Auto: A Smoke to Remember

Courtesy of Herbies Seeds

Another highly popular strain that’s now received an autoflowering version courtesy of Spanish breeders, Sour Diesel brings to the table everything that Sativa lovers want. A meticulous cross of Northern Lights, Diesel, and Super Skunk genetics, this strain is one for the ages.

Sour Diesel Auto delivers a classic Sativa head high fueled by 22-25% THC that energizes your mind and helps you explore your creative self. This boost of happiness works great for wake ‘n bake sessions and gives a great opportunity to rediscover your social life. This weed proudly bears one of the most intense aromas out there: it smells like fuel and leaves a tangy aftertaste on the tongue on the exhale. 

Herbies’ new arrival is also a good resin producer, offering harvests of 300-450 g/m² indoors and 550 g/plant outdoors in 82-87 days from seed. This strain goes easy on rookies, and its stealthy nature makes it a great option for growers trying to keep a low profile – especially indoors, where the plants reach anywhere between just 70-120 cm in height.

You can now buy these strains, along with several other popular ones, with a discount as part of Herbies’ promo campaign. Starting 00:00 December 23rd and up until 00:00 December 28th (PST), the prices will be slashing on new and select strains in store by up to 50%.

For those who have been good growers all year, Herbies Seeds has a special offer. During Herbies’ Christmas sale days, use promo code CHRISTMASGIFT at checkout whenever you order from Herbies to get an extra Sugar Black Rose EV seed by Delicious Seeds for free.

Buy Cannabis Seeds Online From Herbies

Herbies is one of the world’s biggest cannabis seed resellers. They cooperate with over 100 reliable breeders and ship worldwide (stealth option is available) with nice bonuses added to all orders, including extra seeds and other free goodies.

In 2021, Herbies also launched their own seed bank, Herbies Seeds, which has since churned out a number of best-sellers that have blown up the market – take, for instance, Apple Betty and Mimosa Shot. Another craft of theirs is Grandmommy Purple – a legend in the making that has become one of the most powerful strains on the shelf.

Visit the Herbies website and check out their catalog – they’ve got hundreds of strains in store, from classic genetics to brand-new ones, so there’s something there for everyone.

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