Force 5 Records Introduces Hip-Hop Trio “THEY LIVE”!

Force 5 Records just announced a new hip-hop trio called “THEY LIVE”  featuring Jaysin Logik, King Relik, and Prolifik. A full length (yet to be titled) debut THEY LIVE LP is due out sometime in 2023. You can peep the official first single/music video from THEY LIVE titled “Get it Good” right below!

From Force 5 Records:

“In a world of consumption, greed, economic plight, and obeying our overlords, one group is igniting and rising up to call out the system.  

THEY LIVE is a throwback in more ways than just an ode to John Carpenter and Rowdy Roddy Piper, it revives and invokes images of the B-boys of yesteryear; sharp wit on the mic and call and response back and forth with its members in this band. No verse, chorus, verse, this is a full group outfit, on every verse and chorus.  

Check out the first video, “Get it Good” and be ready for the full length album dropping in early 2023. The album is done, and now the visuals are being made to coincide with the concept. Put on the glasses, and be ready! WE WILL NOT OBEY. NO MORE CONSUMPTION! PROTECT THE FAMILY! THEY LIVE!”

from Faygoluvers


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