Business Insider Reports: “AI-designed face paint inspired by Juggalos could potentially fool the 15,000 facial recognition cameras at the Qatar World Cup”

So, we’re late on posting this due to web server issues. But various publications (including Yahoo! News and Business Insider) have recently published articles in regards to “AI-designed face paint inspired by Juggalos, that could quite possibly trick/fool the 15,000 facial recognition cameras at the Qatar World Cup within northeastern coast of the larger Arabian peninsula “. A team of non-profit creative minds called the Virtue Worldwide simply wanted to see if  face paint designs could outwit facial recognition cameras after being inspired by “Juggalo Make-up Concepts”.

So Virtue Worldwide created an AI project called Camoflags, where people can sport face-paint of their favorite football teams to protect their identify against state surveillance . In the same vein as “Juggalo clown make-up” is showcased. This was done so Virtue Worldwide can help citizens/attendees combat against human rights abuses that frequent the Qatar World Cup. And so far Virtue Worldwide has had major success in mostly defeating the 15,000 facial recognition with the AI Camoflags. Shout out to Virtua Worldwide on creating Camoflags and achieving success with protecting people’s human rights around the globe .Whoop! Whoop!

You can read the full article written by Hannah Getahun that’s focused on Virtue Worldwide and the Qatar World Cup human rights abuses by clicking on the image below.


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