120 Seconds – Griff the Guillotine “Self-titled EP” / Rogues Gallery

Hope whatever Holiday(s) you celebrate are/were excellent, Juggalos!  In the spirit of the Holidays, I’m dropping THREE 120 Second segments today.  Even if you celebrate nothing, enjoy your weekend!

Horrorcore/hip-hop trio Rogues Gallery’s album “Hurt/Heel” combined with solo member Griff The Guillotine’s self titled EP.


Link to Rogues Gallery album:

Link to Griff The Guillotine album:

https://open.spotify.com/album/1Dpsacg9h1JZ8YqM6s1LRX?si=UsaXKLJ4RtGO1ahRTYbxxw&utm_source=copy-link Submit your album: 120seconds@faygoluvers.net

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