Twiztid Funko Pops Now Available for Pre-order!

We’ve heard about this for several months, if not longer…but the wait is finally almost over!  One of Twiztid‘s goals for years has been to get an officially licensed version of them as a Funko Pop!  Well now is your chance to get yours pre-ordered!

These will be sold as a pair and will cost about $20.00 for the regular version, or $75.00 for an autographed version with COA and bonus exclusive sticker!  Here are a few pics to check out:

Now check out these pre-order links:

Click to enlarge!

Twiztid Funko Pops @ – $23.99

Twiztid Funko Pops @ – $19.99

And here’s a link to the autographed version:

Click to pre-order Twiztid’s autographed Funko Pops!

These are expected to ship in March 2023, so don’t sweat it if you pre-order and don’t get it right away!

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