Shield Hip-Hop J Reno Interview

From Shield Hip-Hop

“Our featured artist of the week has been making music and beats for over 25 years and his experience shows! He brings truth and rawness to everything he does! He is not afraid to speak his mind! He has been involved in local political change in Ontario, has been a member of a Hip-Hop group called Academy, he’s been on the Billboard charts and is still dropping hit after hit as both an emcee and a producer! Come listen to his story, how he started, where he’s headed and to hear his latest released single! A big shoutout to those who have been tuning in every Friday and supporting underground Hip-Hop! Your support means the world to us! Let’s keep growing together! Peace, love & Hip-Hop, S.H.I.E.L.D.”

from Faygoluvers


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