Scum’s (Lyrikal Snuff Productionz) Canadian Shows Cancelled Via Promoter Reasons?!

Here’s some staleness. For those that were looking towards the  Gorefeather Scum (Lyrikal Snuff Productionz)  invading Canada for 4 rare specials shows next weekend are bound to be disappointed. Recently, Scum posted a lengthy social media post in regards to a promoter/booking agent ghosting him after he tried contacting them to figure out final travel details. And now the Canadian Scum  shows scheduled for November 23rd through November 27th are unfortunately indefinitely postponed/cancelled. This is precisely what the Gorefather posted in regards to these specific Canada concerts being postponed/cancelled.

Scum Across Social Media:

“Stale news…or lack of news…as our Canadian LSP family knows I was beyond excited to finally head out there for some shows after my last 2 attempts to cross the Northern border fell through due to promoter and booking agent fuckery but it seems like a curse, so here we go again. I came back from tour sick as hell but with plenty of time to get better, I put together an amazing live set spanning over a decade of gorehop for the fans seeing us live for the first time, hit up the promoter for some final travel details and…nothing. No response. No communication. I check their socials n event pages, no activity since Mid October while we were on #accesorytomurdertour…I hit up his assistant/VP, no response. Then the support acts started hitting me up saying they are having the same problem not being able to reach Richard or anyone at NSP. I was sent a screenshot from the artists chat about our second point of contact quitting due to some drama at the Mid-October shows. I called, emailed, texted Richard who did the contracts and booked my flight there and still no response. With a week left I have to assume these shows are either canceled or postponed. Communication is key and there’s no way I’m going to another country without return travel 411, no idea if I’m getting picked up, paid, or if the shows are actually going to happen if all promo and communication stopped weeks ago. This is stale as shit and unprofessional and I hope there was a legit emergency that made Northside Promotions go ghost and that these events get rescheduled. I’d be glad to make em happen and will fly out on a 72 hour notice if I got this all wrong and get my questions answered and the rest of my travel itineraries provided other then just the flight there. But as of now I don’t think it’s going to happen. If it will, I’ll make a post right away. Get your refunds or dispute ticket purchases with your credit card, if these events don’t take place there’s no way you will lose the dispute. I will work hard on finding legit promoters to make it up to our peoples in Canada and hopefully hit additional markets on the West Coast of Canada as well. But for now it is what it is. I’m sorry. L’s up!”-Scum

Hopefully those who purchased advanced tickets get their hard earned money back from the promoter.

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