Kidcrusher’s Cybergrind Phenomenon Rectal Birth Signs to Industrial Strength Records!

When the Australian Cannibal Clown horrorcore favorite isn’t dropping blood thirsty rhyme schemes. Kidcrusher is usually busy creating heavy metal brutality in the form of Cybergrind! Techno infused grindcore from his very own band Rectal Birth! And Rectal Birth just signed to the renowned  New York based label Industrial Strength Records (formed in 1991). And will be releasing a brand new EP titled “The Nasty” on Friday, December 2nd, 2022. So if you’re into the heaviness when taking a break from bumping any form of hip-hop, then this is for you!  Support Rectal Birth here:

Industrial Strength Records “The Nasty” Press Release:

Rectal Birth is an Industrial Metal band from Adelaide, South Australia
formed in 2003. They perform a style of Grindcore / Death Metal mixed
with Industrial Techno also labelled as Cybergrind.”

“Dirty History: All though the band was formed decades ago – originally
started as a cover band and disbanded but reformed and transformed in
2012 for a one man band Industrial Metal project.”

“KC (Vocals/Guitar/Programming) the founder of the group produced the
debut album “The Nothing” and released it independently while
performing DJ sets around Australia promoting the release.”

“The project was again laid to rest the following year due to other commitments in
other bands. Fast forward another decade: 2022: A ten year anniversary
print of “The Nothing” was released on vinyl as well as an announcement
for a resurrection.”

“In November 2022, Rectal Birth signed to Industrial Strength Records
to release their new EP “The Nasty” a follow up / tribute to “The Nothing”.
While brief – the EP is quick to jump from 160bpm to 233 with four
unforgettable tracks that could standalone as singles. It’s clear the band
is back with full force to leave a mark – bringing the chaotic retro
underground gabber style techno bass kick mixed in a blender with
chunky death metal style riffs, blast beats on the snare and demonic
horror screams that could score the soundtrack to your nightmares.”

“A music video was released for the main single “The Nasty” featuring a full band – however the EP was fully
produced again by “The One Man Band” KC – turning the production up a notch from his previous attempts to take
 Rectal Birth out of the rotting sewer, it’s clear the project has bigger plans – this is the calm before a bigger storm.”
“Influences for the band include;
Fear Factory, The Berzerker, Thunderdome, Igorrr, Korn, Slipknot, Lenny Dee and Moshpit.”

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