MNE’s “Songs of Samhain Vol 3: Cult Of Night” Out NOW!

The 3rd installment of the Majik Ninja Entertainment compilation series Songs of Samhain is officially out now!  It contains 13 tracks and features songs from Twiztid, Oh! The Horror, Venomous 5, Triple Threat, HOK, Blaze, Boondox, AMB, Insane E, Cody Manson, and Bukshot!  Holy shit!  Check the tracklist out below:

  1. The Moon Glow is Upon Us
  2. Gospel (Twiztid)
  3. 10-31(Twiztid & Oh! The Horror)
  4. Terrified No Fear (Venomous 5)
  5. My Head (Triple Threat)
  6. Curse of the Jack-O-Lantern (HOK)
  7. Nursery Rhyme From a Luminescent Time
  8. Unclear (Twiztid & Oh! The Horror)
  9. P3.1 (Twiztid ft. Cody Manson, Insane E, Bukshot, & AMB)
  10. Parasite Paradise (Venomous 5)
  11. Unreal (Twiztid, Blaze, & Boondox)
  12. Mother Witch (HOK)
  13. Soggy Pumpkin (Twiztid)

If you want to check the album out on Spotify, here:

And finally, if you’re an audio collector, make sure to pick the album and all related merch up at!

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