Devil’s Night Afterparty featuring DJ Clay Announced!

For those of you who are traveling to Detroit for the annual Hallowicked festivities, there’s yet ANOTHER event that you’re definitely going to want to make it to!  It’s the Devil’s Night Afterparty in Southwest Detroit, and it’ll feature performances by:

  • DJ Clay
  • Zitro
  • Tre Lb
  • Knowledge Da MC
  • Tierre Diaz
  • Fro187
  • MC-Hor
  • Wil E. Haze
  • The Hatchetman Project

Where is this after party taking place?  Well, you’ve got to get a flyer to find out!  Check the details below.

From DJ Clay @ Facebook:

#UhhOhh !! What’s this ? , What’s this ?
There’s parties everywhere !!!
Ours hits a lil different tho .. this is one of the most hype after parties you’ll ever attend . If you have been to one of our secret location party’s before then you know .
When : Oct. 30th @ 12 Midnight til ????..
Where: Secret Location
How Much : FREE!!
How To Get In : if you are attending any of These 3 shows ….
– The #Pal-o-Ween Show Oct.28th
– #FrightFest Oct.30th
– #Bloody Sunday Oct.30th
We will have street tram ninjas at all these events passing out physical flyers with the address and any other info on it. When you get the flyer , KEEP IT , Cause that will be your ticket 🎟.
Hope to see y’all there ! #Lessgooo !!

Make sure you’re on the lookout for ninjas carrying these flyers!  This should be a jam-packed night of flavor!

from Faygoluvers


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