Certified Psychos Tour Van Crashes…AMB Off The Tour due to injuries

Juggalos…some serious shit just happened yesterday on Twiztid‘s Certified Psychos Tour.  They played the first show on the tour in Omaha, Nebraska Wednesday night and were on their way to Denver for the 2nd tour stop.  They had a shitty turn of events when one of the tour vans had some kind of catastrophic failure.

I spoke with MNE CEO George Vlahakis who was also in the van, and he assured me that while they are a little battered and bruised, the show must go on!

Unfortunately, James Garcia aka Young Wicked and Bonez Dubb of the Axe Murder Boyz didn’t escape unscathed.  They were the most seriously injured of the passengers, and unfortunately won’t be able to continue on the tour.  Check the official update from them below.

From the Axe Murder Boyz Facebook:

We were in a ruthless accident yesterday, all nine of us made it out ok. But Bonez Dubb fractured 3 ribs and I got a compound fracture of one of my vertebrae. It could have been way worse, and we are so thankful that everybody is ok. That being said, it kills me to announce AMB is off tour til we can heal up. We love our fans and family and we understand a lot of you will be disappointed, but in order to heal these injuries and not risk fucking ourselves up worse we gotta go home. But we’ve been talking all night about plans to finish the new AMB project so we can get some new music to our fans in the time we are sidelined. We love you all and appreciate to no end the support you show us. Shoutout to our brothers TwiztidABK – Anybody KillaBlaze Ya Dead HomieCody Manson and the whole crew. Y’all go kill it! We will see you soon 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

At the time that I’m typing this, the show in Denver is goin’ down!  It continues on in Grand Junction, Colorado tomorrow night, so you’ve got no excuse if you live close-by!  Here’s the full list of tour dates:

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Get all tickets, VIP, and show info at CertifiedPsychos.com.

We wish everyone involved in this crazy fucking accident a speedy recovery!

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