Bukshot’s “Helter Skelter: The Accomplices II” Reveals Boondox, Kung Fu Vampire, & Shy One Supergroup!

For those who scooped up a hard copy of Bukshot’s latest LP “Helter Skelter: The Accomplices II”. You may have discovered that the albums booklet contained an announcement for a new supergroup called WARLOQ.  Even more fresh is the fact WARLOQ will consist of Boondox, Kung Fu Vampire, and XSHY361x (AKA Shy One). Their first collabo titled “Pale Horse” is also featured inside “Helter Skelter: The Accomplices II”.

*Photo Courtesy of Beneath the Dirt Podcast*

 With that being said, we here at Faygoluvers.net can’t wait for the WARLOQ trio to return together sometime 2023 for a bigger yet to be titled release. For now, fans can grab autographed hard copies of Bukshot’s “Helter Skelter: The Accomplices II” through Mobstyle Music here: https://mobstylemusic.com/shop/product/bukshot-autographed-cd/

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