Mega Ran’s “Tractor Beam” “As Seen In Clerks 3” Cassette Tape Sold Out! “Mega Ran Solid” Single Out Now!

Those who have seen Kevin Smith’s Clerks 3 movie this past weekend probably noticed that Mega Ran’s “Tractor Beam” cassette tape was featured in the film. Hours after Mega Ran launched the green “Tractor Beam” cassette tapes, they officially sold out! Now the nerdcore hip-hop pioneer is thinking about re-releasing the “Tractor Beam” cassette in alternate  colors. So this question is for the die hard collectors. Should Mega Ran re-release the “Tractor Beam” cassette in alternate  colors? Leave your thoughts below!

P.S. Mega Ran just dropped a Metal Gear Solid homage single titled “Mega Ran Solid”. Fans can support “Mega Ran Solid” through Apple Music here:


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