Lyrikal Snuff Productionz Signs Russian Hip-Hop Duo Heaven & Miztica!

Lyrikal Snuff Productionz just announced the signing of Russian hip-hop duo Heaven & Miztica and an EP duology LSP release.  Here is the official press release from the Gorefather Scum in regards to the signing of Heaven & Miztica below!

From Scum Across Social Media:

“Lyrikal Snuff Productionz is proud to announce our first international signing and introduce our following to a dope multi-genre duo…Heaven and Miztica. Hailing all the way from Russia and set to release an EP duology via LSP these artists are bringing something new and different to the table for our listeners to enjoy. Heaven has a long history of working with LSP in the past and has done songs with Geno Cultshit, Scum, Insane Poetry, Smallz One, etc. over the years but unfortunately his life was cut short and he passed away due to Covid complications exactly 1 year ago. These 2 EPs will be his final work which we hope will live on forever along with his other music. Both these projects are done in their entirety as collaborations with his music partner and close friend, a multi-talented vocalist (and an amazing tattoo artist) Miztica who we look forward to working with on more projects moving forward. These releases were planned as 2 parts with 2 different concepts so we are going to honor that and release them separately (tho possibly at the same time) instead of combining them and going against the artist’s vision. Check out the promo video that dropped today and be on the lookout for more music and visuals leading up the their releases. We are excited to welcome them to the LSP family and look forward to continued expansion outside of our country. Music has no boundaries, and this movement will never stop growing as long as all of you still have our backs!”

from Faygoluvers


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