The X-Ecutioners W/ Large Professor and the Future Kingz Will Be Performing at the Gathering of the Juggalos 2022!

Good morning fellow readers/supporters! Here is a quick Gathering of the Juggalos 2022 news report. The legendary turntablists the X-Ecutioners will be rocking the Gathering of Dreams with Large Professor and the Future Kingz! Here is the official press release from Psychopathic Records in regards to the  X-Ecutioners Gathering announcement.

From Psychopathic Records Across Social Media:

“We don’t need the summer sun to bring that heat, Juggalos! We bring the party that is straight fire by bringing you three acts combined like a hip-hop molotov! Allow us to announce first, the biggest DJ Group of all time and New York City’s own celebrated sons of the soundboard; DJ Precision & Boogie Blind…AKA the X-Ecutioners! They’re joined on stage and the decks to flex DJ skills better than the rest by the eminent, prominent rap-game proliferator…Large Professor! The stage is already packed with flavor like a Faygo Ice Cream Sundae but we’re giving it that fresh drizzle of sauce with a cherry on top by adding a full display of dance and rap ability by the viral sensations…The Future Kingz! This year we are attacking your sensory perception from every angle ninjas, and by the time all is said and done you’ll have to call Elon Musk to retrieve your wig from orbit! ONLY AT THE GATHERING OF DREAMS!”

from Faygoluvers


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