Slaine – To Whom It May Concern (Official Music Video)

From Slaine Across Social Media:

“This was the first song I wrote for what would be the One Day album. It was over a different beat originally and I intended for it to be the intro.
While I made the album I was changing so much and balance started to find its way in my life. All the important things I had neglected for so long in favor of music began to take priority. As a result I experienced writer’s block and periods of time where music took a back seat. Really I was recovering and becoming a good father, studying acting, exercising and getting in shape, falling in love, and repairing damaged parts of my life.
In 2019 I had a massive creative breakthrough. Lyrics to a song called Redemption (and others) started firing in my head. I went into the studio and Arcitype made the music around the cadences to my acapella lyrics. It became clear that THAT was the intro to One Day. Redemption
I still always liked this piece though but it had nowhere else to live. It’s 6-7 years old now. We figured it should be on the extended version. Doesn’t make sense anywhere else. It’s also a time capsule to my early recovery. To Whom It May Concern.”

from Faygoluvers


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