Side Shows Announced for the Gathering of Dreams!

More news is poppin’ off from the Gathering of Dreams!  Today we’ve got a bomb ass list of Side Shows that will be goin’ down this August at Legend Valley!  We’re talking about everything from movie-watching experiences to Waffles to all out destruction!  Check the preliminary list of sideshows that you can expect to see there:

  • Big Money Hu$tla$ Extravaganza
  • Big Silva’s Road to the World Record
  • Karaoke!
  • Loose Leaf Open Mic
  • Psypher Music Video Shoot
  • Reno Rydaz Oneironautic Pregame Rager
  • Syko and Babydoll’s Wedding of Dreams
  • Vinnie The ICP Kid’s Waffle House

Holy shit! We’ve got Juggalos getting married, Big Silva bringing complete anarchy, karaoke flavor, and so much more!

If you don’t already have your tickets, make sure to get them NOW at!

Now check out a little more about each event straight from the ninjas at Psychopathic:


Juggalo Dream

Back by popular demand! The 618 LNC once again brings to you a movie experience like no other! Come join us as we bring the Psychopathic classic to life before your very eyes! Sing, dance, shout the lines, throw some popcorn in what Jumpsteady called “Euphoric Chaos!” Will you get robbed by Ape Boy? Blasted by Hack Benjamin? Slapped silly by Green Willy? Grab a goodie bag and see what surprises we have in store! Peanuts will fly, donuts will soar and the person in the freshest, dopest gear will receive the much coveted “Most Pimpin Mufacko” trophy! So come have a seat and let the gathering know that WE STILL HONK FOR SUGAR!


Shaggy’s Dream

Sometimes being the best just isn’t enough. Even Champions have Dreams, and our homie, the indomitable Apex Juggalo, Big Silva, has his sights set to conquer the very summit of Olympus. You’ve seen him devastate all comers on ICPNetwork, now witness him live in effect, taking on a slew of foolish opponents using only a giant forklift, gravity, and his own unquenchable lust for destruction. Moreover, Big Silva is calling upon the might of the ENTIRE Juggalo Family to personally contribute to his legend and legacy. He will be sitting pretty at the Info Tent for the entire Gathering, accepting duct tape donations to help him personally conquer his dream of making it into The Guiness Book of World Records. Now is your chance to become not just a part of Juggalo history, but world history itself on the back of a certified legend!


Juggalo Dream

Kicking off at this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos is gonna be some fresh ass Karaoke!

Brought to you by the Ninjas of Action Entertainment with your host and DJ Official – SayRaah! That’s right! Come sing your favorite classic bar karaoke jams live on stage right here at The Gathering of Dreams! Shiiit you might get a prize by winning over your Juggalo fam with a fantastic rendition of Prince! Or you may get the honorary “You Fucked Up” chant, all in good fun! But you never know if you don’t sign up homie!


Juggalo Dream

Loose Leaf Open Mic welcomes all artists, poets, musicians, and comedians to get up on stage and share their talents with the Juggalo community. Each performer will have roughly six minutes on the mic to share whatever they’ve been working on and waiting to let loose. It’s time to let your creativity flow from the notebooks stuffed away and forgotten about to The Gathering of the Juggalos Dream Stage. What a fitting location, on the stage of dreams we will bring these dreams to life. Who better to wear our hearts on our sleeves with than the Juggalo family? Here we will be replacing our coffee house snaps with “WHOOP WHOOPs” and our tea with cool Faygo!


Jumpsteady’s Dream

When the main stage lights dim, there is only the briefest moment of quiet as the collective Juggalo energy fills The Gathering grounds like an electrical charge. At Midnight on Saturday night the silence will shatter as the winners of the Juggalo Psypher take their rightful place in the filming of a music video brought to you by Psychopathic Records! The end result will be edited, uploaded and given a prominent place on Psychopathic’s own YouTube Channel! Now is your chance to also be a part of the video! All you gotta do is get to the Dream Stage, get in the crowd, and get live, while the cameras roll!


Juggalo Dream

Kick off the Gathering of Dreams with your Oneironautic Juggalo homies the Reno Rydaz! Drink as much of the Magic Mist your stomach requires. Exhale clouds upon clouds of the west sides finest herbal flower. Sing loud and proud with Juggalo Karaoke featuring your favorite Insane Clown Posse Tracks alongside DJ Shimmy D and Fuck Chuck. Take in all the musical mind-bending performances from The Reno Rydaz own The Kahn Dynasty TKD, Logikstix and your homie onda regular MC-HOR! All this and more will become your reality only at the Reno Rydaz Oneironautic Pregame Rager!


Juggalo Dream

Dear Juggalo family, Syko and Babydoll have invited all of you, the dreamers, Juggalos, Juggalettes, scrubs, ballas, ninjas and wasteland warriors (Yes all you beautiful fresh mothafackas!!) to come witness their wedding of dreams. These two wicked souls will be joined under the power of the dark carnival. Here at legend valley, in all of its beauty and splendor. So come my family, help them to rejoice and to celebrate in this momentous occasion. One that will steer the destiny of these two wicked clowns: but wait there’s more!! These ninjas have requested that all you ladies and gents come dressed to kill in your freshest get-ups and dopest face paint, and don’t forget to bring your Faygo for the finale! Come one and come all to the dream stage for Syko and Babydoll’s wedding of the dreams!


Juggalo Dream

Featured here is a unique opportunity of luck! This event is completely interactive and all ninjaz must be present to participate. Come and enjoy fresh merch waffles from a menu of chance! This is a cash only Waffle House and please show up on time so we can get the party started!

It still states that there are more side shows coming soon, so keep checking back for more flavor to be added!

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