New Joke Ya Mind (Main) Stage Artists Announced for the Gathering of Dreams!

It’s Wednesday, and we’re less than 50 days away from the Gathering of Dreams!  That means that announcements are about to start coming in hot and heavy!  Today, we got not one, not two, but SIX artist announcements for the main stage!

These artists will all be performing on opening day of the Gathering of Dreams: Wednesday, August 3rd!

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Now check out the official announcement from the Insane Clown Posse Facebook:

6 Juggalo Dream Artist Revealed for GOTJ 2022!
The Gathering’s musical landscape is a dreamlike place where the subterranean spaces converge, and the tunnel runners emerge. Follow them back down and you will find all sounds lead down, back to The Underground! Prepare to cry havoc and let slip the Dogs of Gore as the Cult Crew connected MMMFD mastermind Scum presents a collage of killer talent (or maybe talented killers?) with…LSP’s Gorehoundz of Snuff! Next, we welcome a band seeking to capture your mind by way of your ears using instrumental complexity and metalcore melody. This is…In Dying Arms! But that’s far from it y’all! This duo is determined to make the crowd move with an energetic punk-trap style forged in smoke clouds and the NYC Underground. Make way for…Freewill! Wait. What’s that smell? Either someone dumped a beer in a cat box or 8 and Whip snuck into The Gathering somehow. Yup, it’s that pair known world-wide in the state of Ohio for being friends with each other! The Super Famous Fun Time Guys! A further strange sight appears as a rouge’s gallery of anonymous Dark Carnival devotees seeks to spread their message with an expression of Juggalo-infused metal. Behold…The Hatchet Man Project! Our final artist reveal is a deep cut in the history of The Gathering stage! 17 years deep, in fact! If you were around, you watched him hold it down for PLC, now witness the return of the OG Underground Psycho…Mereness! You better get to stuffing that brain jelly back in your skull top, because we know we blew some minds with this one! But just you wait, as The Gathering of Dreams draws nearer, we’re still plotting and concocting behind the curtains like some Psychopathic Soopa Geniuses…Stay tuned!
Finally, check the artist descriptions that were just posted at
  • Freewill – FREEWILL is a NYC based Punk/Trap duo consisting of rappers Meth & Mage. With multiple international & nationwide tours under their belt, FREEWILL has made a serious impact on the underground and have garnered a large CULT-like following. Dozens of the group’s fans have tattooed artwork and the group’s logo to their bodies. FREEWILL performances are chaotic and are known to incite mosh pits!
  • In Dying Arms – Merging frenzied sonic mediations on violence with the occasional moment of heart-on-sleeve plaintiveness, In Dying Arms’ brand of metalcore/deathcore covers the extreme ends of both the emotional and sonic spectrums. In Dying Arms formed in 2006 with a sound that artfully blends passion and melody with anguished, atmospheric riff-fests that allow them play with dynamics between genres, and create a genuine interplay, giving their music an intriguing amount of depth.
  • LSP Gorehoundz of Snuff – Scum and the Lyrikal Snuff Productionz squad are making their much-anticipated return to the Gathering this year with an epic all-star showcase packed with underground classics and brand-new bangers. They will be performing collaborations by their label veterans and the next generation of LSP artists who bring a new sound into the mix. With plenty of surprises and so much diverse wickedness planned for this night only, LSP wants to thank the Juggalos for the many years of love and support and take them down memory lane while giving them a glimpse into the future of this undying underground movement! Twenty-two years of consistently delivering some of the sickest content, numerous nationwide tours, and well over 100 full-length releases all lead up to this epic hour-long performance that you don’t want to miss!
  • Mereness – After 17 years, Mereness of the legendary Playaz Lounge Crew returns to the Main Stage at the Gathering of the Juggalos! Back in 2005, PLC placed 2nd in Psychopathic Records’ Underground Psychos contest. Through raw talent, perseverance, and grit, Mereness remains a force to be reckoned with. As president of Team Bad Decision (a hip-hop trio that includes him, MissTress, and TipZ), Mereness continues to release a quality of music rarely found in the underground scene. Team Bad Decision, assemble!
  • Super Famous Fun Time Guys – Summoned by the Juggalos, the Super Famous Fun Time Guys are here to make their nightmare your dreams! From the slums of LuchaFlorida, these Luchadorian lunatics are coming to pack the party knuckle deep in your brain and f@#k with your head. Representing Long Live Evil, 8Legz and Whipstick are going to shine their positivity on your rainy day. What better way to waste your time than having fun with SFFTG?!
  • The Hatchet Man Project – Six lost souls, each possessed by one of the first six Joker’s Cards, were chosen to reinterpret the twisted hymns of the Dark Carnival with their own brand of metal! Bringing a new generation of Juggalos into the fold, they have hidden their identity to not distract from their messages with the hideousness hidden beneath their masks. Each member grows more disfigured as the Gathering approaches and the spirits of the Dark Carnival consume their souls! Smog fills the air; painted faces crawl out from the sewers pouring into the streets of Detroit seeking to follow them to the gates of Shangri-La. Their mission: To win the hearts and minds of Juggalos proving they are worthy of the Dark Carnival. Their transformation complete, the time approaches! Come be a part of the spectacle! Witness the birth of…THE HATCHET MAN PROJECT!

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