LGBTQ THC: Brands That Are Giving Back

Just as surely as April means 420 and July means 710, June brings us all the colors of the rainbow in the form of LGBTQ appreciation and support. Here are a few bands who are highlighting queer weed collabs this year, from “daddy” themed Dad Grass products to infused canna-seltzer. 

Of course, anyone can throw a rainbow logo on their product and say they support the community. While visibility is important, that can easily come off as an empty cash grab. So, we’ve highlighted companies who put their money where their mouths are and use proceeds from their Pride products to give back. Here are our fabulous recommendations for this June. 

Courtesy of LEVIA


This month, the infused seltzer brand is getting everyone in the mood for Pride with limited-edition sparkling seltzer. LEIVA are giving proceeds from this special seltzer to the Transgender Emergency Fund, firmly cementing their comittment to trans rights. The seltzer is on sale throughout Massachusetts for about $7 per can.

“It’s important for all individuals to feel accepted and included by our brand,” said Kristin Rogers, Manager of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at LEVIA. “Pride is all about celebration and whether you’re experiencing it out with friends or enjoying a backyard porch hang, we hope LEVIA’s Pride edition accompanies your celebratory efforts.”

LEVIA’s Pride seltzer is lemon-lime flavored and features a hybrid cannabis blend.  

Courtesy of Good Day Farm

Good Day Farm

This Southern cannabis company is unveiling Rainbow Sprinkles just in time for Pride. This limited line of cannabis products is sold across Missouri and Arkansas. In Missouri, you can get an eighth of flower, and in both Missouri and Arkansas, you can get a half-gram cart of concentrate. 

The colorfully packaged product will also be giving back. One hundred percent of proceeds up to $10,000 will be donated to local charities that serve the queer community, including homeless youth nonprofit Lucie’s Place in Arkansas and community center The Center Project in Missouri. 

As their press release explains, “Rainbow Sprinkles is an extension of Good Day Farm’s Sprinkles Collection, which started with Titty Sprinkles earlier this year. Good Day Farm launched Titty Sprinkles for the express purpose of supporting breast cancer research and awareness in a fun and culturally relevant way.”

Courtesy of Flower by Edie Parker

Flower by Edie Parker

This fun and colorful cannabis accessory brand is getting in on the Pride action with some fun and meaningful products. Their “Say Gay” Clipper lighters, lighter bags, and clutches will be for sale in their New York boutique and online this Pride month. With the messaging, Edie Parker is responding to the “don’t say gay” legislation in Florida aimed at stopping queer education. Fifteen percent of proceeds from lighter and bag sales will be donated to the queer educational association GLSEN. 

Courtesy of Dad Grass

Dad Grass

With a name alone that begs for a special Pride rebrand during the month of June, Dad Grass is also proud to unveil their Pride collection. Purveyors of CBD and CBD pre-rolls for the most part, Dad Grass aims to make products so therapeutic they’re appropriate for dads. 

For Pride, they’ve unveiled a five-pack of CBD joints in a tie-dye pack, as well as “Daddy Chill” branded hats and a colorful shirt. The designs are by Huberto Cruz aka I Scream Colour, and 100% of proceeds go to Equality California, a nonprofit that helps queer voices in California be heard.

Courtesy of Do Drops

Do Drops 

In honor of Pride month, Do Drops by Holistic Industries is unveiling the “Flavors of Pride” line. This line of low-dose edibles will be available not just in June but year-round, and a portion of the proceeds go to The Transgender Law Center, the largest national, trans-led organization advocating for a world where everyone can live safely and free from discrimination. 

For this product launch, Do Drops teamed up with queer creators to donate to six additional charities during the month of June. 

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