KRS-One, Fat Nick, and Ho99o9 added to the Gathering of Juggalos 2022!

Here we are Juggalos…less than TWO MONTHS from this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos…and we’ve got some news that I know a TON of you have been waiting for!  We have some ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENTS that just rolled in!

That’s right!  All of you who thought that there wouldn’t be anyone outside of Psychopathic at the Gathering can officially eat their words!

Just minutes ago, it was announced that KRS-OneFat Nick and Ho99o9 will all be performing!  Check out the details:

  • KRS-One – Joke Ya Mind stage – “There can be only ONE.” As it goes with Highlanders, so too does it when Knowledge Reigns Supreme! Beyond being a founding father, this supreme teacher and lecturer is the very metaphysical embodiment of Hip-Hop personified! Plenty have mastered the game, but very few are imbued with the wisdom and perspective offered to a man who has come not only to influence, but define the landscape of American consciousness as we know it! Juggalos, it our utmost and sublime honor to bring to The Gathering of Dreams the giant upon which this and every offshoot of rap culture now currently stands! Having him perform is an honor among honors, and we can only humbly ask for your attendance as the monumentally epic KRS-ONE takes to the stage. We promise your life will be richer for the experience!
  • Fat Nick – Joke Ya Mind stage – This unique and creative rapper brings the bright side of the trap to The Gathering with a penchant for punchlines and a smile that’s as bright as the Miami sun! But don’t let that smile fool you, speculation has it The Buffet Boy is known to pop skulls as well as bands! So, keep it copacetic and the only thing your cranium has to worry about is nodding along as Fat Nick takes the stage at The Gathering of Juggalos!
  • Ho99o9 – Nightmare stage – When you venture to The Nightmare Stage you might behold some things to keep you up at night. Ho99o9’s breed of death-punk-sludge-rap dissonance worms its way into your subconsciousness with a sound like the smell of potent loud masking body odor, but you are unsure if those bodies are alive or not. No stranger to Gathering, TheOGM and company bring to the stage energy that is kinetic, erratic…even a little schizophrenic! All while blasting the audience with a barrage of lyrics that oscillate between societal awareness and full-blown homicidal impulses! This is for those of you who came to rage!

That is a vicious 1-2-3 punch, and they’re just getting started with these announcements!  If you don’t have them yet, make sure you go and get your tickets from!


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