Dirtcore Music Signs Mumm Ra (Mission:Infect)!

As we reported nearly a week ago, the maelstrom of music talent that is Crossworm announced launching his own authentic independent record label “Dirtcore Music” and signed the multi-genre emcee Samson Samson! And now now the Mission: Infect emcee Mumm Ra has officially been announced as the next recording artist to sign to Dirtcore Music! Here is the official Crossworm press release in regards to The God Mumm Ra signing to Dirtcore Music below.

From Crossworm Across Social Media:

“This has been a long time in the making. This artist is one of two artists that have been pushing me to open Dirtcore Music officially and start signing heads.
Chicago, IL born and raised. Old School Underground Hip Hop heavyweight, Musician, Actor, and OG Mission Infect General, THE GOD MUMM RA.
When we finally met a couple years back it was instantly kindred, and within 20 mins I was on board to mix and master his album House of M which he recently dropped independently.
I will be starting off remixing and re-releasing ‘HOUSE OF M’ on Dirtcore Music and from there I will start producing his new record.
Thank you for having my back with this idea, brother and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
Welcome to Dirtcore ! Spread the news. The God Mumm Ra is officially DIRTCORE. Two more artists to announce so stay tuned !!”

from Faygoluvers


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