Dirtcore Music Signs The J. Hexx Project & MADD MAXXX (Mission: Infect)!

Crossworm’s authentic independent record label Dirtcore Music has finalized its debut roster! The epic storytelling horrorcore pioneer The J. Hexx Project and the highly influential Mission: Infect emcee MADD MAXX have both been signed by Dirtcore Music! Expect album releases from the entire roster to be dropping soon!

Latest Crossworm Dirtcore Music Press Release:

Today is another big day for Dirtcore Music as we announce another heavyweight artist signed to the label: J Hexx, aka The J.Hexx Project.

This has been a long time in the making.

I first discovered J Hexx in 2008 in the horrorcore scene, and we quickly became friends because of his eagerness, love for the craft, and very approachable nature. Within a year’s time I would name him in an interview as the undisputed king of concept horrorcore IMO, and he has relentlessly released project after project that further cemented it for me since then.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY during the early development of Hip Hop, Elijah Rentas aka The J Hexx Project eats sleeps and breathes the culture… but with a very dark twist. An avid horror aficionado and advocate, J Hexx brings a macabre narrative tailor-made for the “can’t look away” fanatic.

Under the guidance of myself as well as BAD MIND, J Hexx has quickly become one of the underground’s leading engineers for high profile releases, and continues to network in both horrorcore and the horror film and tv industry.

J Hexx is a powerhouse, and it’s an honor to be working with him on some Dirtcore Music releases.

Welcome to Dirtcore my brother !

The final artist that I approached for Dirtcore Music has always scared me in his ability, the ferocity in his delivery, and his creative genius.

I first collaborated with him in 2009 on a song called “Dogs of War”. We both came to the table with the same thing written for the hook. A single line of lyrics shouted like a battle cry: MAKE WAY FOR THE DOGS OF WAR.

In my scene… Madd Maxxx doesn’t need an introduction. Another Mission:Infect General, and SickHop original… But today I introduce him as a Dirtcore Artist.

We talked about something like this at different points in the past dating all the way back to 2009, and I’m pumped that we can finally make this happen.

Maxxx already has a working title for the first album I’ll be producing for him, and I can’t wait to get started. He is currently working on his record “Kaleidoscope” so please be sure to stay tuned for his updates on that.

For now… this is the move:

Crossworm, Samson Samson, The J.Hexx Project, The God Mumm Ra, and Madd Maxxx.


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