Canna River’s Delta 8 Blue Dream Delivers a Pleasant, Subdued Consumption Experience

First developed in the mid-80s, delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, or Delta 8, has seen incremental growth over the past 20 years. Its most recent surge comes after federal lawmakers legalized hemp as part of the 2018 Farm Bill, though some still view it as a dubious compound.

By 2021, product popularity was soaring. The sales influx had numerous states imploring federal agencies on Delta 8 classification and regulation. In September, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) stated that products containing .3% or less THC were not considered controlled substances. Therefore, sales could go forth.

In response, state lawmakers spent the past few years enacting anti-Delta 8 legislation. As of May 2022, 20 states have passed legislation regulating, restricting, or outright banning the products within its jurisdictions. Despite the ban, scores of companies remain in the market, offering an alternative to THC.

California’s Canna River has been in the CBD game since launching in October 2019. Billed as a CBD company without gimmicks, the company feels that each person’s cannabis consumption experience is unique and that its products are “just helping you live it.” The company offers a plethora of products featuring Delta 8, CBD, and hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), another hemp-derived cannabinoid making waves in recent years, all in a bid to satisfy various unique consumer preferences.

The company’s one-gram Delta 8 vape carts are a featured item. While Delta 8 isn’t for everyone, namely those seeking the potent effects of THC, Canna River’s Blue Dream cart does a commendable job offering up the best of the cannabinoid. Whether you’re a patient, someone looking for more minor psychoactive effects, or otherwise, this modestly priced option may hit the mark for you.

Courtesy of Canna River

The Canna River Brand

Canna River is a CBD company selling a range of consumer options. While carts will be the focus today, it would be an oversight not to mention the company’s broad line. In addition to vaped products, CBD staples like oils, topicals, and capsules are also available—including flavored CBD options ranging from Watermelon to Bacon. I’m glad we’re focusing on the Blue Dream this time around, truth be told. But hey, each person’s consumption preferences are different. If you want some bacon flavor in your CBD, Canna River has it for you.

The company’s brand is vibrant, bursting with color made evident on social media. Underneath the vibrance is a range of products that could appear in the aisles of a pharmacy or beauty store. That is the case with the Delta 8 cartridges. Blue Dream’s packaging is a mix of bright blueberries over clean black and white background and straightforward text. The combination is sure to attract the eye of various consumers, medical and personal use.

The company also offers its lab results via a QR code on its box, allowing customers to confirm product contents and lab results before buying. Whether picking up Canna River or any other cannabis line, do yourself a favor and check the lab results to verify the product’s plant profile and other critical tests.

Courtesy of Canna River

Blue Dream Delta 8 Cartridge Specs

Eye-catching packaging isn’t enough to keep customers coming back. Without a quality product inside, a sleek design won’t do much long-term. Canna River understands this quite well, offering consumers a line of Delta 8 distillate carts that live up to their billing as easy to use and enjoyable for various cannabis consumers.

Each one-gram cart is 510 thread battery compatible and Farm Bill compliant. Sourced from U.S. hemp, products contain some percentage of THC, totaling less than .3%. Each cart contains pharmaceutical-grade terpenes, with Blue Dream’s terp combination made to complement what the company calls “a superior head high.”

Canna River offers five additional Delta 8 cart strains alongside Blue Dream. They are:

Banana Split
Cherry AK
Hawaiian Snowcap
Sour GMO
Watermelon Zkittles

Each cart retails on Canna River’s website for $35. Packs of 10 are available for $175.

Does The Delta 8 Cartridge Taste Like Blue Dream?

This cart lives up to the billing, tasting like Blue Dream. Still, its subtlety may leave some longing for more from their pulls.

The flavor notes were apparent, coming through more subtle than one might get with other carts that pump flavor in. The inhale tastes relatively flavorless, keeping the vapor as the focal point of the act. The subtle blueberry notes briefly came through on the exhale. The flavor cameo may not be enough for some consumers seeking an abundance of aroma or taste. But on the flip side, Canna River’s offering does not leave any unwanted lingering tastes in the mouth, as some terp pumped-up carts do.

Delta 8
Courtesy of Canna River

What Are The Effects?

Canna River’s Blue Dream cart delivered what most expect from Delta 8: A consumption experience with subtlety.

The effects feel similar to consuming a 10:1 CBD:THC product. You may experience a bit of the heady sensations, but much of the results are felt in the body. The peak of the impact came around the one-hour mark, with additional pulls helping keep the momentum going. Overall, the effects seemed to last as they would with other vaped cannabis products, totaling about four to five hours.

With Blue Dream, I was able to get through the day seeing friends without feeling too high to socialize. At work, I stayed on track while feeling slightly more relaxed than usual. Throughout the day, I was able to stay creative and not lose track of my to-do list.

A bit of caution: Some vape restraint may be required, especially if the lessened effects leave you wanting more. Delta 8 may compel some regular consumers to take additional pulls for an elevated yet still subdued effect. Certainly possible to attain, consumers can find themselves overdoing it. Granted, it should take a significant amount to push that threshold on regular consumers. But newcomers may get tripped up. If you’re a newcomer, start with one or two small pulls, wait 30 to 60 minutes, and evaluate if you’d like another dose.

Delta 8
Courtesy of Canna River

In Review

Canna River’s Delta 8 carts offer consumers a subtle, pleasant consumption experience.

You won’t find an abundance of flavor or overwhelming effects from just a pull or two. Instead, you’re getting a consumption experience that should play a supporting role in your day. For personal use consumers, that may mean getting that type of high that makes the weekend much more enjoyable without locking you to the couch. For medical consumers, this type of experience can allow consumers to medicate using a cannabinoid-specific treatment that may help address their medical conditions.

Most Delta 8 carts tend to retail at around $25 to $35. Still, others on the market have gone higher, sometimes doubling the price per unit. The price point seems justifiable when considering the quality of the cannabis and the reliability of the cart used. At $35 per cart, Canna River keeps the wallet impact minimal without cutting costs via substandard materials. Retailing at this price should make Canna River’s carts accessible to newcomers and returning customers.

Delta 8 will continue to face scrutiny from lawmakers and within some pockets of the cannabis community. While true, there is clearly a market catering to various consumers. If you find yourself in this camp or are interested in finding out about Delta 8 first-hand, consider Canna River.

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