United States of Insanity Now Available OnDemand (Rent or Own!)

It’s FINALLY time for the world to have the opportunity to see the documentary 7+ years in the making: The United States Of Insanity!

I’ve seen a ton of posts on various social media platforms expressing their excitement at the chance to watch it in the comfort of their own home!

There are a variety of options for you to view this super dope documentary!  You’ve got rental options starting at $3.99 and purchase options starting at $7.99!  That’s FAR less than a trip to the movies, and you can have some homies over to watch it together!

Where can you get it?  Check the links below!

The United States of Insanity is also available via your local cable providers!  You’ll have to check listings and rent OnDemand through them, but peep this graphic for a list of providers that you can search on:

Finally, you can get a physical copy of the DVD which contains Over 6 Hours of bonus footage!  Get that here: The United States of Insanity – Strike Back Studios

We’re anxious to hear your thoughts on the film if you haven’t seen it yet!  Leave your comments below!

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