ICP Moves Xmas show to New Year’s Eve in Detroit!

There has been a change to the Insane Clown Posse show that was to take place on Christmas Day.  I think it’ll definitely help more Juggalos make it out to the show!

It’s still happening at Harpo’s, and it’ll still cost $125.00 per ticket.  However, it’s now happening on Friday, December 31st!  It’s now called The Greatest NYE Show On Earth!

Check out the details that were posted earlier today via FB!

From Facebook.com/InsaneClownPosse:

What’s up Juggalos! More napalm bomb ass news!
ICP’s insanely awesome live stream show, has switched over from costly Patreon to absolutely free Twitch!! This fresh ass move took about a week and so all the scheduled shows have been pushed back a week. Therefore ICP’s big ass Christmas Show has also been moved back one week to Friday December 31st, which of course is New Year’s Eve!!!
So, without further ado, the Wicked Clowns are happy to announce a brand-new full-scale live concert event entitled…
Insane Clown Posse presents: The Greatest NYE Show on Earth!!!
This very special live concert will be taking place at Harpos in beautiful, not so peaceful Detroit murderous! All tickets for the Christmas Show are transferable to the NYE Show. Refunds are available for those who can’t make it, but trust me… You DO NOT want to miss this mug!
After spending Christmas with your family, now the Juggalo fam can bring in the awesome New Year together!
Without question this show’s gonna be an experience unlike any ICP show before it! So, get your tix now before you’re left assed out wishing you’d have been there! After ICP slays the stage, the party will continue at Harpos to ensure our New Year’s Eve stays hype as fuck until we all pass the fuck out!
Tickets available now at: PsychopathicVault.com
Don’t sleep on these tickets!  Get them NOW!

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