The Rude Boy “My Life The FunHouse” Book Release Party Announced For DEC 11th W/ Daniel Jordan!

In association with ROX TV and Cruisin the Barrio Presents. The Rude Boy “My Life The FunHouse” book release party will officially be going down on Saturday, December 11th, 2021 at Trixies Bar in Hamtramck, Michigan! Daniel Jordan and DJ Carlito will both be performing! Proceeds from this event will be donated to the Salvation Army. Peep the official “My Life The Funhouse” book release party flyer below!

And that’s not all! Hard copies of The Rudeboy’s “My Life The FunHouse” written by Mike Shepard are already showing up on doorsteps. Pick up your own copy through Amazon here:


“MY LIFE THE FUNHOUSE” is the story and the legend of Rudy “Rude Boy” Hill. From his lifelong work and association within the halls of the infamous Psychopathic Records, to his devastating wrestling career as the World Champion of the JCW. The Rude Boy recognizes no boundaries or limits. This son of Southwest Detroit is known around the country and the world. Step right up and purchase your ticket for Rudy’s funhouse. This one-of-a-kind concept book is actually a specially designed building, which houses the Rude Boy’s universe. Only a funhouse could be fitting to hold the man’s wild and never-ending life story. Set into a unique format, you can now experience Rudy’s current life as well as his past…depending on which door you choose to enter. But take care my friends, no two doors are the same.

The first floor is rumored to house the Rude Boy’s current life, with the second floor dedicated to years long past…if you believe the man in the ticket booth. It’s even rumored that the funhouse has an attic, but this has yet to be confirmed. Don’t miss your chance for a rare peak behind the curtain.

This book can be read straight through or can be read at random. No two doors are quite the same and could be days, weeks, or decades apart on the time line, depending on which path you choose. There are surprise guests scattered throughout the funhouse. The “structure” contains doors, hallways, and floors to explore…it’s all waiting for you inside “MY LIFE THE FUNHOUSE”.

“I could listen to Rude Boy tell stories for hours, this book is that rare opportunity for those who would’ve never had the chance”
-Ouija Macc
Psychopathic Records

“Eight to ten books might not even include all the man’s milestones so far. I mean how do you even address his story on the back of the book? Rudy’s a Juggalo Legend”
-Violent J
Insane Clown Posse
Psychopathic Records

“Well…he’s just amazing”
-Blahzay Roze
Former Psychopathic Records Artist

“The Rude Boy is a Southwest Detroit staple, wrestler, friend, and family to many”
-DJ Clay
Psychopathic Records

“If a crowd at the Gathering of the Juggalos was dead or burn out from whatever, Rudy could grab the mic and get the audience riled up into a frenzy for whoever or whatever they were about to bear witness to”
Former Psychopathic Records Artist

“Rudy was huge with the Project Born career when we got to Psychopathic Records”
-Frank Nitty
Project Born
Former Psychopathic Records Artist

“I’ve known Rudy a long time, he’s a good dude and a true legend”
-Vanilla Ice
American Music Award Winner
Grammy Nominated Artist

“You’ve never come across a book like this, I guarantee it. This one is for the Juggalos”
-Kid Vicious 810

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